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That One Sock

Updated on January 13, 2015

It was always so dark and warm inside the drawer. The sun only hit me once in a great while. My family always went out on a normal basis, but I was confined to a life of waiting. Waiting for what? Was there a chance that I would find my partner? Highly unlikely. Was I made to just wait here in the back of this wooden tomb? I know I will no longer allow myself to be called etamoN evahI, as people started calling me. You see I'm not a big reader, being a sock and all. So I obviously didn't see what that name was spelled in reverse. Excuse me for being "sockastic" here, but it's not that easy being clean."

It all started the day that the vacuum-sealed package was opened. I was one of the first socks pulled out. My owner raised us all up and thanked his mom for the thoughtful gift. I was proud that I would now be able to finally get out and possibly see a little of the world. Luckily, I am a tube sock. The ankle and "no-shows" have become all the trend, but I was happy to be a tube. The fact that I had an opportunity to have an older owner who may take me on some long vacations to exotic locations. Or possibly someone younger who would go out and play on a regular basis. All I knew was that when I was opened, I was going to be put to good use.

My owner was in his teens, and I could tell that he was an athlete. So I was excited that would be able to assist in a competitive environment. After a week of spending time in my new wooden home, I finally was picked. It was me and another tube who looked just like me. I believe that to be the point in my line of work. The owner wants both of the mates to look identical. We both had a little red stripe near the top, which distinguished us from the rest. I took a deep breath as I was slipped over his calf. I peered out at the boy's room. Typical surroundings to what I had been told. There were posters and pictures on the walls. One picture was of a basketball player flying through the air. Were those socks woven from reindeer fur? At least this boy was active, that's all I could ask.

We ended up going to another boy's house. This house had a pool and trampoline. I had a lot of fun bouncing up and down while his friend applauded. Soon my owner was tired and wanted to jump in the pool. He took me and my mate off and had a lot of fun splashing around. His mom came over to pick him up and I was scooped up with the rest of his clothes.

After arriving home we were all shoved into a huge cylinder that got us all very wet and soapy. We were then heated and had air blown on us. I felt very refreshed having been cleaned and dried. The camaraderie in the dryer is amazing! Everybody just bouncing around, with nobody complaining. I was soon taken out and folded with the rest of the.......where is my mate?

I panicked. What is going to happen now? What are the chances that I am going to see the world again? Slim to none. I have to have a mate! Maybe he'll fold the top of me and a blue-striped one. Oh, what's the use.

Later that week I heard a rumor that my owner's friend had called and wanted to invite him over again. I sat in the back of the drawer waiting for any updates. Others began to laugh at me and call me "mate-less" and singing songs like "ha ha, your still clean, ha ha, your not seen". I was desperate. Once, I worked my way to the front of the drawer where I knew that he could see me. He picked me up, but quickly remembered that I wasn't mated. I was shoved back to the back again.

During the next couple of months I was mainly becoming an outcast. I was looking more and more different from the others all of the time. I was used a couple of times, but it didn't go well for him or for me. The first time he paired me up with a green striped tube, and was subsequently laughed at by this awful girl. She said something about holiday colors, and his confidence was crushed. He then tried using me as the dreaded "under-sock". This is where I am put on underneath the mates. I hated this as I was unable to see anything and I basically felt like a second-class citizen. But at this point, I would give anything to have those days back.

It has been three long years now since I was out of this drawer. I don't even try to nudge my way to the front. For what? My ribbing is still perfect. There isn't a single strand of material that is out of place. What would I do? It's a different world out there. The places I wanted to go, are no longer desired by my owner. Now he only opens our drawer once a week. He's always playing with the video games and wearing those horrific flip-flops. I expected so much more.

Well, at least I will always have that trampoline experience to remember. That seems to have been my one true shot to taste life. But what if? What if my time isn't done? Maybe my owner will donate me. Could there be people out there who don't mind me not having a pair of mismatched socks? Maybe I can set out on my own and find my original mate. I'm sure that they would understand me better than anyone.

-That One Sock will be back for his next adventure soon.-


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