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The Product of Rape

Updated on April 4, 2011

Who are you today?

Are you responsible for who you are? How can you change that part of you that people do not like. The product of rape, that sinful act, a life constant reminder, that was an awful mishap.

You are all grown, and you are feeling your sensitive side, those whispers, the stares, the uneasy moments you felt as a child, is now surfacing, luckily or lucky for the ones, who have been given up for adoption, who did not have to feel that kind of traumatic blow to their self esteem,

you wonder from time to time if your biological parents, should have aborted you, knowing the circumstances of your existence, however, "life is a bitch, so how can you re-parent yourself? and erase the hurt, without having the worthless feeling that is contributing to your suspiciousness, and preventing it from becoming your protective armor,.

Wise up! today s all that matters, it is safer this way, because you finally met the enemy in your parent life, and it is you. You are their constant reminder, now asked yourself, "am I to blame? You are the innocent one in all of this.

Now it's time to re-parent yourself, and begin with embracing yourself with love, never allowed your past to confine you, to the "Prison of Shame) as you defend yourself without the heavy anchors from your past childhood, that was wearing you down.

Do a another experiment, rebirth and choose your existence this time manifest all the characteristics that you need to become a strong and confident individual without needing others approvals.

Your existence was a blindness that was overlook by a few, however, some similarity still march on, the shame, the resentment and most of all not knowing who you culprits were.

Now tune in to your mind and body and soul o a safe place, and be the founder and the sole recipient of that place of love, as you ease away from the pain and suffering from the secrets and lies, you will move forward to live a descent life.

Re-birthing is said to be a powerful medium used to clear all the negativity that you built up over the years, it was like a suction machine, so it is time to release the lever, and let it all out.

However, re birthing might work for some and not for others, tune in on that little child inside of you, sitting alone unhappy and confused, most of the time, go over a that little you, and give her a big hug,and hold that crying baby(close to your face, reassuring, him/her that everything little is going to be alright.

In my case, in re-parenting, I was always hungry, so when i close my eyes, and go back to the place, and time in my life, I usually travel with food, and a variety of treats, for (me)

I came from a big family and It was so hard on my mother provide for us, my parents did their best, and being a child in the middle, it was hard. My older siblings, always got the upper hand on things, mainly in my case the food, so to realize the value of your life, watch a documentary on staving children in South Africa and around the globe, however, it is still no comparison to your life growing up in the United states , even if I was hungry most of you my childhood, my situation was 88% percentage better,



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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      thank you Cogerson and alberich for stopping by and commenting, it means a lot to me,

      one love Dark

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Interesting ideas about re-parenting and re-birthing....a very well written straight to the heart hub....voted up

    • profile image

      alberich 6 years ago

      You are truely an extraordinary person! Your hub is close and necessary.

      I think You might be intersted in other persons that try to somehting for peoble in despair. Read about the following exhibition:

      Keep up your good work!!