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That Tricky Train’s Calling

Updated on July 11, 2014

Some things just happen, some things don’t matter

Some days we hear them, and other days they’re clatter

Just empty noise, nothing but fuss

Whittles in the wind, or just ruckus

Either way, the time is near to put down everything and make a leer

For the day has come, the road beckons near,

Calls me by name and leads me there

No map in hand, I trust the road

Like rails I tie, an empty load

It never leads me astray; I’ve never been here before.

Just sit back and wait for the door

When you open one; then close the other

I get lost quit often, but find myself wherever

When the black asphalt beckons, get ready to go

Sit back shut up and then you’ll know

Cuz, when it starts calling, the freight train whistles are clear

I’ll jump on that caboose, ready to steer

When life gives you turns, then lean the same way

you’ll find yourself on that freight train running away

pack that bag, and head on your way

for maybe life’s turns are just its game

you can suck it up and stay to play

or hope on that train and run, it’s all the same


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