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That Weightless State

Updated on January 2, 2014
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That Weightless State

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

Who stems the tide of love,

brings it to a formless reflection,

as if it never existed,

never imbued glorious joy,

minds lost with abandon

within its nurturing arms.

Love can never be our making,

it is our surrender to it that ensues,

enlivens a soul to shed its crusty shell,

and face truth unconcerned of anything else,

accept that beguiling weightless state

of the heart fulfilling its destiny.

Who could deny this enlivenment,

this miraculous elevated consciousness,

and cast it aside as if the remnants of a mistake,

a mere fleeting laps of judgement,

having moments before,

risen to the highest, in rapturous love.

How fickle the heart of man,

with the potential of unconditional love,

yet commitment like the blink of an eye,

a switch to be turned on and off at will,

while love stands in tatters, confused,

by hearts with iron-clad doors.

Who then takes love whole,

surrenders to it and nurtures it, regardless,

committing life to its ideal, it miraculous gift,

and who holds those we love in reverence to it,

accepting fault and all human imperfections,

to live a profound and happy life.

We have become complacent in our thinking,

seduced by the worthless trappings of physical life,

pursuing that and leaving love to chance,

with tedious expectations and demands that preclude surrender,

and therefore deny love's existence,

its very nature lost to a once sacred intimacy.

Love is the pinnacle of life,

its beginnings and end,

and while we ignore its relevance,

we become lost in pointless and mundane thought,

never knowing what true love is,

its rapture, its commitment and healing.

Love is our greatest ideal and gift, and it seems the least committed to in today's society. We choose love and discard it as a commodity rather than the most meaningful experience in life.


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