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That sunshine

Updated on November 22, 2014

The sun

Dimmed behind November clouds

Sits like an egg, ready to crack sitting up there ...

Upon a leafless tree, an arch appearing - like open arms -

One shoulder, like a nest - for a gloomy, bed-raggled saturday -

Broader than the other -

Wide open - for all things - do seem settled.

If only for the hour ...

North American woodpeckers ... all-in-a-row; peck and peck

Until, the crack forms a Zee-shape (like, a slithering snake) the yoke,

Whitened by the cold and the upset of : peck after peck ...

Oozes-out and down, slowly - down and down

Like an icycle melting, dripping its wet, unseen chrystals

Further on down and across all the tops of the leafless trees:

Stark and mad - their limbs

(like many arms and fingers) flailing wildly around and about,

But pushed back into stillness by the whipping wind when it stops -

Having reached the end of its exhaust.

All around - little specks and glintz of yellow-glazed warmth

And flinching-bright-white reach-out between the limbs -

Spreading its yoke for all the little gold, white and yellow finches

Just long enough for them to find some seed -

Before the clouds over-power and shield what forms were begotton.

One small late-bloomer crispy, rusty-colored, orangy-dank and dry

Maple leaf (after hanging-on since late Spring) finally affirms its leave -

Bidding adieu falls ... aimlessly from branch to branch:

Down, down, down...while little specks of golden and yellow dimmed light

Shines and reflects through its old and crackling vessels

Leaving it,,, its freedom -

And, its eventual doom.

My little world of heaven here: Is but, just a small fraction of the tapestry

Woven and, set upon the loom.

The weavers weave while this Poet looks out;

Across, from the window - as her majesty, that beautiful, small star ...

The sun - brightly shines - It's twinkling light only seen from the observer

Viewing a long ago history.

Way ahead, in the future:

I am LIVING! Somewhere else in time ...

Looking-out at: the Horizon - that shrine ...

Thinking about a time, in legend

When: they talked about that: OLD EARTH

And how, one sun hid from the other ....

It took Millennia for them to find her twin.

They PECKED and PECKED and when the EARTH finally opened-up,

At first - like a Zee - the milky-white yoke of the sister-sun-star

Was inside the inside!

For all the world ... From the JUPITER skies ...

TO see!!!




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    • c-m-hall profile image

      CMarie 2 years ago from York, Maine


    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 3 years ago from United States

      A very heart felt and deeply expressive message here my friend, A better life awaits us all and each of us faces the same every day. We all have to never give up and keep searching. whonu