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That's Just Me

Updated on June 19, 2014

That's Just Me

I walk through this life,
Feeling top rate,
Then they look at me,
Analyzing my every trait.

They tell me I should change,
That I just don't blend,
Be someone I'm not,
Keep up with the trend.

They say 'time to grow up',
You are now twenty-five,
But I love being different,
It reminds me I'm alive.

I can be a girl,
And a good mommy too,
But I'm not gonna be perfect,
So stop judging what I do.

I like bows in my hair,
And I want to fly a jet,
I love to laugh all night long,
And I want to race in a Vette.

I want to jump in a puddle,
And dance in the rain,
I want to be who I am,
Without feeling any shame.

I like fancy dresses,
And a nice high-heeled shoe,
But I don't want to cover up,
My pink butterfly tattoo.

Who says I can't skip,
Or soar on the swings,
Why can't I play dress up,
And be a fairy with wings?

I have so much fun,
Playing with girly toys,
Then running outside,
To play ball with the boys.

While I like to have fun,
I have a serious side too,
I won't always be alone,
I desire a love that is true.

I want him to open doors,
And pull out my chair,
But when he says four-wheeling,
I want to be right there.

I will fall deep and hard,
So be gentle with my heart,
I want to be good friends first,
It'd be the perfect start.

Now I could laugh for days,
At something only I can see,
No one else may think its funny,
But hey... That's just me.

I bleed red, white, and blue,
A true patriot at heart,
I cry during our nation's anthem,
And believe me that's just the start.

Seeing our country's finest,
Is a feeling too hard to describe,
Standing in uniform with honor,
My soul goes crazy with pride.

I love the One and Only God,
And I will forever be proud,
For I am a daughter of His,
And I will live for Him out loud.

You may say I'm childish,
Or even a little bit crazy,
I won't change what I believe,
But... That's just me.

Some say I'm not "normal",
And I accept that with pride,
I won't conform to everyone else,
And I'm sure I will survive.

Some people say,
I laugh too loud,
I love too much,
And I stand too proud.

All I can say is...

If you don't like me,
Then leave me be,
It's not your life,
That's just me.

You be you,
And I'll be me,
That's what makes the world go 'round,
And keeps us happy and free.


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    • jeremycolombo profile image

      jeremycolombo 3 years ago

      God made us all as individuals. Not one person is the same in every way. There are different personalities(I have learned) and even those can change throughout our lifetime of experiences. Thank you for sharing this and for being true!