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That's a rug?

Updated on February 12, 2011
Rug | Source

Allow me to introduce Laxalt P. Luckmeyer, as he kicks off the re-election campaign for his 17th consecutive term in the Senate, here at the 3rd Annual Steak Scorch and Shotgun Golf Outing of the New Young & Complacent Republicans of the Old Moneyed South (NYACROMS).

As you all know, our friend Laxalt is one of the primary foes of the Blue Dog Democrats. As the leading light of the newly-formed Red Snake Republicans, Lax will turn on just about anyone who allies with him, to get whatever he can for his district — whether necessary, frivolous, wasteful, counterproductive, or polluting — as is his right as our elected representative in that corrupt and evil den of iniquity, our nation’s capital.

LPL believes he is doing God’s work in the Senate. (Of course, he also believes that none of the young and attractive female [or male] interns in his campaign know he’s wearing a rug.) 


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