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The 14th Day of Christmas

Updated on December 29, 2013

My true love came to me

Appeared through light and danced around the Christmas tree
Their presence filled the room with mounds of snow
Falling from the ceiling and breaking down the walls
Painting a layer of white on all that I could see
And the candles filled the room with a misty haze
As the colored aura from individual bulbs made the room glow like a Carnival
Petrifying the room with plastered pictures of frozen flowers
Glistening against the colors as cold fills the air
Sitting silent by the fireplace attracted to the warmth
With memories on my mind
They came through my bones and sat before my eyes
Defining the lines on my face with silvers and golds
Of velvet memories and boxed journeys blocking the snow
From washing me away
Flames jump as the wind brought a mortal shiver
Snow rests on the branches of the mistletoe as a flower breaks through a sliver
Giving a reason to give up and look over the horizon
Against the corners of the room that aren't illuminated by the glow
Bare naked space where you used to show me how to be
Against the Christmas tree snow piles between the wall
As the doors shine with a blinding array of colors
Another year another holiday and decorations line the way
The past kept in mind and the fire kept close in site
Through the cloaks and ghosts of a winter's moon twilight
Their presence fills the room as the feeling drifts away
Another year till Christmas before the young come out to play
Falling through the ceiling like the snow covering the room
Warmth by the fire as it becomes another day
It's the 14th day of Christmas and the ice begins to melt
Year comes to a close as goodbyes become less heartfelt
Lights become dimmer and horizons become brighter
Shadows become darker and space becomes bigger
Feasts for the healthy and bread for the sinner
On the 14th day of Christmas my true love came to me
On the 14th day of Christmas this Christmas set me free


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