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The 22-Year-Old Male Who Writes Lyrical Poetry: 'Fake Innocence'

Updated on December 8, 2016

Fake Innocence

Forever the one who held your heart so close,
That very same person you knew and loved.
‘Til they take it and run, for what reasons? none.
Well I’ve got yours too, made of glass, I know.
It was all for just a moment, in a place and time,
So I threw it out.
All respect is lost.
And I don’t give a fuck.

Don’t fall for their innocence; it’s all in your head,
With nothing in theirs, just selfishness.

In every single film, song or book she reads,
Is another hidden meaning behind her leave.
Trapped in a world of only her and herself.
If I can’t help her,
Then no one will.
When you’re tired, you’re weak,
So cry a wave for me please -
To that little written poem only you would know,
It’s the ‘Rose On The Thorn-bush’, to which I leave.
More-like the ‘Black Rose That’ll Stab You In The Back’,
For that other man, shit.

Don’t fall for their innocence; it’s all in your head,
With nothing in theirs, just selfishness.

I’ve been the best I ever could,
Only it should’ve been for someone else.
Tears will fall,
For guilt you don’t feel you owe.
This could’ve gone any other way,
'Though I grow tired of the words you say...

“Just take my hand” - And I’ll rip it off!
“(Darling) We’ll be okay" - Is that another song?
“I want you babe” - Do I give a fuck?
“You’re mine I say" - But I never was.
I never was.
No, I never was.....

The story ends as you’d expect,
With that nice guy abandoned and left for dead.
Who would’ve thought it would end this way?
With her saviour murdered, mentally...

Written between 28/09/2014 & 17/10/2014

(A poem about accepting the end of a relationship & heart-break)

Fake Innocence
Fake Innocence


5 stars for Poetry


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    • Darius Kamiab profile image

      Darius 2 years ago

      Everyone has that first love haha. Thank you so much Missy. Probably one of my more relatable pieces, it was the second thing I ever wrote, my first "decent" piece in my eyes lol :)

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

      Very nice poem. I feel these emotions, because I too have went through situations such as this. So, this is very relatable, and I'm sure I am not the only one who can relate. You display emotion in a very powerful way. I love it!