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The 22-Year-Old Male Who Writes Lyrical Poetry: 'Car Crash'

Updated on December 8, 2016

Car Crash

I’m on track for a car crash.
A hypocrite who deserves no less.
I ignore all red lights,
Because this is what I want,
For the meantime.
I’ll bury that pain with a little more,
To keep me sane.
I’ll have it all,
On this crash course we call.....(love)

Everyday, I bide and bite my tongue.
Everyday, i'm still fighting.
You never really know what it is you want,
So I’ll wait around and find out.
Knowing it isn’t the best way to go,
Makes me go there anyway.
See how it ends.
(In a cesspool of rubble and dust)

I never know when I’ve had enough;
My friends know me,
More than myself.
These girls pay rent up in my head,
But the landlord is never there.
This man could stand in Hollywood,
For his acting is better than it should.
Just don't tell crazy,
Because Holly is a girl's name.

Our time’s up soon and it’s sad I know.
One more drive, before I.....
This pathetic excuse for a one and only.....(love)

It’s sad to know,
The way i’ll go down,
In history as that guy on a leash.
With excuses that get the better of me.
With my best friends being rubble and dust,
When I end up in a car crash.....

Written between 16/05/2015 & 26/05/2015

*Acknowledgement to Liam Barratt & Jordan Redpath

(A poem about knowing a relationship will die shortly)

Car Crash
Car Crash
5 stars for Poetry


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