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The 22-Year-Old Male Who Writes Lyrical Poetry: 'Karma'

Updated on December 8, 2016


Karma, my old friend.
Tired, my eyes, wide.
Is there an end in sight?
Do us all a favour, and switch off another light.
End another life.
I know I’m dead inside, and she’s living a lie,
So either way I’m fine.....

But, no.....just wait.....
Let’s play this another way.....

Buy another round babe!
Slip poison in one and go again.
Let’s risk ourselves,
'Cause we do it anyway.

Karma get this bitch!
‘Cause she agreed with me,
She wants to see me bleed internally.

Karma: “Not that one over there surely?”.

Me: “What, the quiet girl not talking? that’s the one, believe me!”.

Karma: “But what could she have done to make you feel this way?”.

Me: “Ended my life temporarily! Put me in a coma only to walk away instantly!".

No words do justice the way they should,
I just know this one’s got more to prove.
More fish in the sea,
Better luck next time,
That’s right,
But I don’t sleep knowing she swam away dry.

I can’t even look, ‘cause I’ll feel sick.
She’s not even worth this therapy, I pay in cigarettes.
I kill myself daily, so I’ll roll the dice,
And I’m ready tonight.

Just take a sip, one more time.
This snake drinks venom so don’t sympathise.
I’ll take my turn, but ladies first.
A cheat of this kind is used to such crime.

She hits the floor! Smacks her head on the door!

Me: “You’ve done the job!”.

Karma: “Peace of mind I’m sure?”.

Me: “Justice is dealt, for you I have you to thank”.

Karma: “But sir, it doesn't quite work that way.....
You see, you’ve only wished death on another girl's grave.
So take a step back, breathe in, breathe out, and letlive.
Because like you said, we've all got more to give".

Karma: "Prove her wrong! and show her who’s gone!
Don’t go ahead, because your drink’s the one,
With that deadly dose you hoped she’d done.
We’ll talk this out when your time has come".

This piece isn’t about profanity,
Just another troubled one’s insanity.
As he wonders why it’s him and no one else,
Those lonely thoughts at night that come to haunt him.

So someone come bathe in this bed I saved.
Take me to a place where there’s no pain,
So I can slip away still smiling in this early grave.....

Written between 30/1/2015 & 17/03/2015

(A poem about wishing karma upon someone else and receiving justice)

5 stars for Poetry


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    • Darius Kamiab profile image

      Darius 2 years ago

      Thank you Missy, means a lot!

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

      Very deep. Felt lots of anger and hate, lots of sad and lonliness. I thought it was very good. It kept me intrigued throughout. Voting up and sharing. :)

    • Jonas Rodrigo profile image

      Jonas Rodrigo 2 years ago

      Good poem!