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The 3 Major Reasons Why You Cannot Publish Your Content

Updated on December 26, 2013

There are three major things to consider if you are to overcome the anxiety of publishing your content. The first is fear of being lonely, fear of criticism and rejection, and the lack of confidence.

Lack of Confidence prevents you From Publishing

First is the lack of confidence that prevents most writers from publishing their works. Sometimes the lack of confidence in publishing your ideas may result from inadequate preparation or research on your topic. When you are not fully prepared

You should prepare very well before writing. Read extensively about your topics before you start putting out your ideas. Study much about writing articles. This will help you to improve in article writing and help you to gain more ideas and examples to support your own. When you read extensively, you are able to equip yourself with the appropriate keywords, technical words and vocabularies that can be fused into your articles to make them have a more professional tone. You will also be able to refer to catchy examples.

Fear of exposing your ideas to the public for fear of criticism

You fear to work and to think with people. You naturally do not trust people and so you are unable to publish or share your ideas with others.

You do not want to expose your content for public scrutiny because you fear that you might be criticized or your ideas may be rejected.

The fear of your ideas not being acknowledged by readers could also result from inadequate preparation on your topic before writing.

In order to overcome this feeling, you should make the effort to accept criticism from your reading audience. You must know that your ideas are not meant for everybody. In other words, not everybody shares the same views or opinions with you. Readers are entitled to their own opinions as yourself. Some readers would agree with your assertions and other may not. You should therefore always expect both complements and constructive criticisms from your readers. Whether a reader sides with you or not, know that, their comments will help shape your writing style to the taste of your target readers.

You should also accept that no idea is perfect. That is to say, every ideas stands to be improved either by you or by another person. You should therefore welcome the opinion of your readers as this will help you to know more than you know and to help to shape and improve your style of writing to conform to the taste of your target reader.

Selfishness and prevents you from publishing]

Sometimes you are unable to publish because of your own feelings of selfishness. You are unable to let go of your content for others to benefit from your ideas. You want to keep your ideas just to yourself (from the content -as its author) first before you can give it out. This also keeps writers a step ahead of their readers all the time. Your ideas are so precious to you that you feel you want to keep your perfect ideas to yourself and not share it with anybody.

Know that, when you share your ideas that you get to know more. More ideas will occur to you. When you publish your content, you also get to know how much you do not know. When you share or publish your articles, you open up-perhaps-initiate the platform for readers to share what they know about the topic. It is when you realize what you do not know about the topic. When you share your ideas through publishing, you will also get to know more from your readers.

You will get to deduce more ideas to write about or thoughts that needs serious contemplation.

Knowing that you can produce more and even better ideas after publishing your current ideas will give you the confidence to publish your current drafts.

The fear of loneliness prevents you from publishing

Feelings of loneliness can also prevent one from publishing his or her ideas-and not strictly because the ideas are not expressed well.

Writing often demands prolonged isolation. Through writing, most writers also get the opportunity to communicate and debate with their imaginary friends in order to discover philosophical truths. The content to some extent is the indirect conversation between the writer and his imaginary friends or readers. Sharing or publishing means breaking emotional ties with your imaginary friends that sometimes makes publishing difficult for some writers. Psychologically, it is like losing those imaginary friends or publicizing a confidential information that is not meant for public consumption.

You must accept the fact that no ideas is actually new. In fact, it is new to you because you have just discovered it or it has just occurred. It may also sound new to someone because that ideas expressed differently. Whatever your ideas may be, others may know too.

Understand that sharing your ideas for people to read, is a way of confirming the thoughts or ideas of someone out there. In fact, people are able to connect to your ideas in you because they feel the same way you feel. It is just the words and pattern of expression that may be different from another author’s.

Your ideas can never be that personal as you may see it. People can relate or connect to the examples and situations described in your article because they face similar situation or have similar experiences. Sharing your ideas seeks to confirm thoughts within your readers or provoke ideas within their minds.

Publishing to some extent helps you to make real friends. In other words, you can turn your imaginary friends into real people by knowing people who share your views on the particular topic.

You should also have a way of generalizing your ideas for other to read.

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