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The 4 Reasons Why Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil

Updated on May 25, 2016

The most common statement today concerning money is that it is the root of all evil.

I don't know whether it is a misunderstanding or someone just doesn't understand the nature of money and the human being.

Either way, the misunderstanding has caught my attention mostly because I used to use to think this myself.

It does make me feel guilty. And because of that, I mist explain why money is not the root of all evil and tell you what is.


One: Money Is A Tool

Money is a bartering or trade tool.

It is a tool traded for the consumption or use of a product or service.

This has been happening since the age of the Roman Empire.

Money’s worth, meaning how much and what you can afford, lies in how much of it one has. This includes the worth of the money in relation to other money all over the world.

What I learned from this and having money is that money is for bills, it does not make anyone feel un-fat.

Money is for acquiring food, it does not make anyone a better cook.

Money does not make anyone feel un-sick with pneumonia, you literally feel like you are dying at some point.

Money does not even protect people from an STD, because if anyone forgets to use protection, they may be screwed for weeks, months, or forever.

My point, money is just a tool.


Two: Money Does Not Talk..Literally

Money does not speak.

It only exists to be used for your trading purposes.

Money can be influential, but this is usually based on a person's behavior or the norm in a culture.

Money is an inanimate piece of paper, coin, or other material.

The notion that people can be influenced or told to be cruel, evil, sinister, a bigot, a narcissist, or just weird by it, does not happen because money has told them to be this.

The notion today is that money is the demon that is spiritual, and it floats around giving bad ideas to the good people so they can fail at making positive changes in the world.

Money is also looked upon as the demon spirit that gives bad ideas to the wealthy and rich so they can be cruel, bigots, and evil to all people.

We all have human will-power.

Nobody can say they were given advice from their money.

We influence ourselves, and we allow others to influence us. If anything changes in a person, it is because that person decides to change.

If an influence is increasingly strong or there is a desperate need, the final decision still belongs to the individual.

Money remains the same, silent and as a tool.


Three: Greed is Man-made

People of their own culture, in general, create the status quo.

People have the biggest influence, money has none.

It was and is the individuals that had more of it than others that gave it a meaning. Most people who can buy better cars, better houses, and better things, try to make money say something, but it is just some people saying they are better because they have money.

Greed becomes a part of a person because some have this notion of being able to say they are better because they have more money.

Some people believe that having money makes them a better person. Some people believe that having money solves every single little problem.

Some people believe that if they were wealthy, they would be happy. And almost all these people embrace greed, which is the need to gain by any means.

The decision to be stingy is very personal. The decisions to be greedy means gaining by giving nothing.

Greed is stealing people's gas because you don't want to use your money to buy any.

Greed is exploiting labor for hardly any pay, because you want to keep most of your money to yourself.

Greed is eating up all the food and pretending not have any money when food is needed.

Greed is outright stealing from others because you have the power to, and you're probably just jealous too.

While the decision to be greedy has become more popular to some in this day and age, money still remains a tool.


Four: The Bible

People ignore a part of this verse more than most verses in the bible. There are a lot of people who do not catch the meaning of Timothy 6:10:

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Almost everyone missed, FOR THE LOVE OF, at the beginning of that verse, and just skipped to, money is the root of all evil.

Some miss the part where you have to make the decision to LOVE money. This verse points at the decision of people to love money over everything else.

Therefore, the love of money is the root from which causes neglect and cruelty in a person as a result of embracing greed over all things including love, which could placed them on a path to sorrow, suffering, or evil deeds in the future to prevent suffering. Either way, one may end up on a path to hell or in a living hell until they die.

The desire to the point of theft, shaving you cat to sell their fur, the decision to love money over your family and friends, the decision to kill for money; all of this constitutes someone making a decision to place money over anyone and anything.

Money is not the root of all evil, a person's LOVE of money, greed, or selfishness over all things, is the root of all evil.

Last Note

Money is definitely a necessity, but it does not tell anyone to be evil.

It does not influence people to be evil either.

People influence others to feel a certain way about things and money.

Everyone needs money to live. Our decisions rule our lives and directs our live's path.

For some, life is easy. For others, life is harsh and hard.

What a person decides to do in order to get money, or after they have money, is a personal decision made by that individual.

There are negative, cruel, cold, and desperate influences pushing people toward decisions that revolve around acquiring money more than anything everyday.

In the end, only that person can and will make the final decision concerning what they will or won't do to get it or after they get it.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 22 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Yes the truth is the misunderstanding isn't a misunderstanding as much as it is a misquote of Bible scripture as you aptly pointed out. Not surprising that whenever evil is evident more often than not to find the source all you have to do is follow the money!