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The 50 Shades Of Grey -- Yay Or Nay?

Updated on May 1, 2013
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I’m kind of leaning towards nay. I’m at page 358 and I have only about 150 more pages to go, so I think I can make an informed opinion on the book. I’d heard so much about this book. It’s been the fifty shades this and the fifty shades that. I’ve seen people going on about it in raptures and I’ve heard people disdaining it as trash. I wanted to read it for myself to make up my own mind about it. Right now, I’m kind of puzzled why so much has been made over this book.

Okay, I’m a dirty girl and I’ve read erotica and I wouldn’t really label this book as erotic. None of the sex scenes came off as erotic. After the scene where Grey spanks Ana hard 18 times because she rolled her eyes at him, I actually started fearing for her safety each time they were going to have sex. I wondered just how much he was going to hurt her. I mean, the guy said he wanted to hurt her. That’s not erotic or romantic, that’s extremely disturbing. If a guy says that to you, that’s a guy you want to get a restraining order out against.

I also don’t see what the craze is about Christian Grey. The guy doesn’t have much of a personality and what personality he has isn’t very likable. To sum it up: he’s sick, he’s a dick and he’s a prick. What Ana sees in him is beyond me. That was one of the big reasons their scenes weren’t erotic. I just couldn’t see what she found so irresistible about some guy who got his rocks off at the thought of causing her physical pain. That’s not sexy or erotic.

In regards to Ana, I feel like she’s modeled after Twilight’s Bella Swan. A few scenes I thought I was reading scenes featuring Bella Swan. Like Bella, Ana is clumsy and she had long dark hair. She also can’t believe someone as beautiful as Christian/Edward could really want someone like her. And while Bella wanted to become a vampire to be with Edward, Ana is willing to become a sex slave used and abused just to be with Christian at his whim. The big difference between Edward and Christian, is Edward wanted to protect Bella and Christian wants to abuse Ana.

I suppose the most annoying thing about Ana was her constantly talking about her inner goddess who sounded like a freaking nitwit. Her inner goddess was panting like a dog in heat to be beaten into submission. Her inner goddess got off on all the creepy things Christian Grey did to her, like making her strip down to her panties and being chained up and sitting on the floor like an obedient dog waiting for Grey to command her.

Another thing that made Grey and Ana’s relationship completely unerotic was that sex slave contract he drew up and wanted Ana to sign. Negotiating a contract over the whole thing took all the eroticism out of it. It just made the whole thing very cold and calculating and passionless. Another problem was Ana seemed pretty disgusted by the stuff she read in his sex slave contract but was willing to go on with it because she was afraid that was the only way she could have him. None of the stuff she read about secretly turned her on. She was just willing to let Grey mold her into what he wanted her to be just so she could be with him. That isn’t romantic or erotic, it’s kind of pathetic.

Yes, I know Ana was a virgin, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been titillated by the research she did on the things Grey wanted to do to her. If she was sexually curious about how far you could take sex and sexual pleasure. Instead she comes off as a woman so desperate for a man she’s willing to endure his salacious appetites just so she won’t lose him.

When I first started hearing about Fifty Shades Of Grey I was hoping Ian Somerhalder would get cast as Christian Grey. But that was when I was buying into the media hype about Christian Grey. I’d imagined a Grey that was more complex and more charming and charismatic than Grey is written. As written, Grey is a cold, controlling dick who has no respect for Ana’s wishes or feelings. It’s all about him and what he wants. He wants to turn this sexually repressed virgin into a submissive sex slave. Yuck!

I think the basic problem with the context of the book is the writing of the two primary characters. Grey should be written as this charismatic man who could charm the panties off a nun who has a very dark and disturbing side to him, And Ana should be written as a woman tantalized and turned on by Grey’s dark sexual side. Grey could sense Ana shares the same dark sexual nature he does and that’s what draw him to her.

As written, Grey and Ana don’t make sense as a couple. Ana seems to be attracted to Grey because of the way his pants hang off his hips and because he’s pretty to look at; she’s definitely not attracted to him because his charming personality. As for Grey, the author never really goes into exactly why Grey is supposed to be so attracted to Ana. Because of that you have a hard time buying into this supposedly irresistible attraction between them, which you need to buy into, to make the more darker and disturbing elements of this story palatable.

I’m also having a hard time feeling empathy for Grey because of his horrible childhood, which appears to have come to an end when he was four and adopted by this rich couple that adore him. Ditto for the big bad Mrs. Robinson who introduced him to her kinky world of sex and turned him into her submissive sex slave when he was fifteen. It doesn’t really seem to justify how he gets off on hurting women.

I intend to finish reading Fifty Shades Of Grey and read the sequel Fifty Shades Darker to see if the Christian Grey character improves as the trilogy goes on. To see if he becomes less of a Dickwood Duck and begins to evolve into a more likable character. To see if I can finally see and understand why there’s this obsession for Fifty Shades and Christian Grey, since as of now the whole thing just seems much ado about nothing.


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