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Poems By Tiffany Renee Whitfield

Updated on January 28, 2015

Abyss Of A Vampire's Life

I Feel So Moved if Not So Loved/Oh where is THe Love, Where Is THe Love/I rise from the dead, My flesh pale as the moonlight/Pure and sure My Loyalty Is, My Eyes Deep as a BlackHole/I'm a Vampire plunging into the Dark Abyss, Its So Mystic and I hear Bellowing Voices/Hollering at Me/Cruel People Swarm around me with stakes/Oh where is the Love, Where is THe Love/Sailing through tuff waters, the Tides wallowing in my Wake/My Hair Flying In da Wind, THe rain Pounding So hard/It's a Vampiry Life for me, Drink Up Me Hearties, Drink Up me HearTieS/I set the Pace to the Sails so as to make us quicker, For my dear Hearties it might be the last drink you take, Speak up me hearties For it may be the last word you utter, for they want to find me/But that will be the last thing 2 fall upon me/I'm starving of thirst, I crave for Blood, But its too risky to draw, for i'm being hunted/Into my trance you'll fall, Unnoticeable of my chance, I take your Vitality in a quick lance/I live in the darkness, trying to fight my own hardships/My Life's worth more than diamonds, more than precious GOLD/The Heartache I bring is a Vision to Behold, If you Need me, remember I'm easily founded, if this frightens you, well it certainly shall/I have many titles, but theres one you know best/My power is so overwhelming, Try me out and you'll see, But if you do, You may never brake away, Just try me once and I just might let ya go, But try me Twice, and I'll own your soul/When I Possesses you, you'll smuggle and you'll tell lies, the Crimes you'll commit for me, will be worth the felicity in your open arms/But you'll 4get your morals, and how you were raised, I'll be your conscience, I'll train you in my Ways, I take kids from parents, and Parents from kids, I'll steal everything from you, Your looks and your pride, I'll be with you for eternity right by your side, you'll give up everything, your Family, Your Home, Your Friends, Your Money, and then You'll be alone, I'll take and take, till you have nothing more to give, when I'm finished with you, you'll be lucky to survive my WRATH, If you try me be WARNED this is no game/My Pain and Tears flow too deep for you to know my heart is broken that it has begun to slow down, My mind is spaced out, I believe my maturity will never grow, My Soul is long deceased, But don't you Dread, For you will soon know the pang of Guilt that I feel tearing me to pieces for my much too long life of eternity cannot be walked alone, If Given the Chance, I'll drive you insane, I'll ravish your body, I'll control your mind, the nightmares i'll give you while falling into a deep sleep, the Voices you'll start hearing from deep within your head, the Sweats, The Shakes, The Visions you'll see, I want to inform you, they're all gifts from me/But then its too late, and you'll know in your heart, that your mine and we shall never be parted, You'll regret you tried me, they always do, But you came to me, Not I to You, You knew this would happen, many Times YOu Were Informed/But You challenged my Strength, and Chose to Be Brave and Courageous, You Could Have said No, and Just Walked Away/If you could live that day over, Now what would you say, I'll be your master, you'll be my slave, I'll even go with you, when you go to your deathly grave, Now that you have met me, What will you do?, Will you try me or not?, Its all up to you/But hear me out, I'm like a Fire, tHeres No Putting Me Out, So keep on coming, My Soul Is Burning to satisfy this hunger, this taste, this yearning for something that to me is so great, It may spook you but its true/My life is a challenge, I'm screaming for no apparent reason, I feel like I've wasted my life for the deep pits of eternity/I crave to have my soul returned to me, That may Sound Wack, But its the uttermost truth, I feel so furious that I threw my life's worth away/I feel sympathy for those who don't know me for I'm not the BloodSucker like Most Vamps Are/My Fangs are My Tools to Rip da Fools Off, I hiss Because I'm Being Dissed By The hUman Race/So be WARNED BECAUSE I'VE TOLD YOU NAUGHT OF MY REAL LIFE'S STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vampire Eric Northman from TrueBlood

The Amo Corazon Mi Amor

The Amo Corazon Mi Amor, 2getha as One, Our Hearts Beat, 4 eternity and beyond, passion and desire, entranced and loved, the want, the need, 2 be 2getha, never to part, nothing and no one to break us apart, i'll depart this world still loving you and only you, reach 4 the stars, making a wish, thinking of you, i do vow to love only u, i do care for u above all others, no matter what happens, i'll never stop loving you, not even for a second, the amo corazon mi amor!!!


now i sit here for awhile, thinking of your lovely smile, such a distance between us is a torture to endure, because our love is so strong, and the days are so long, we do naught but think of one another, the love between us so passionate and true, get this plz, i do believe you're my only release, makes me feel so wanted, which you have granted, every which way our love gets stronger with each day, and for that simple fact, i will love you to death for eternity and beyond!!!

You & Me Were Meant TO Be

my love for you is so gr8, so gr8 that it breaks my heart in 2, the heartache i feel for you is so humongous, fills me up with such joy, love isn't a toy, the obsession i feel for you, the passion i can't deny, my love is so strong, it hurts me so bad, makes me cry with adoration, a simple explanation and you'll have my heart by storm, i feel so warm by your fiery body, staying outta harms way, making u desire me with a passion you still can't deny, this lovely feeling welling up inside of me, my tears flowing over my cheeks, my heart slowing down a beat, when you lean down to kiss me, the bliss captures my heart, kissing you with a passion so strong, its as if we were meant to belong, you make my heart melt with your flames, a simple kiss is all it takes for you and only you to set me afire, your strong arms embracing my body, the feel of your hands against my skin, the pleasure u make me emit, its as if you and i were meant to be, The Amo Corazon Mi Amor!!

A Deep Passion For Love

I'ma make you feel so lonely, sitting by the fire honey, i know u want this, i'ma cuff u to the bed, make u say things u've never been fed up with, i'll lead us to the stars, thrust thrust, i'ma make u combust, make u lust for my body, after that night, i'ma take u higher than eva in that climax, make u feel like you're flying ohh so highh, i'm alight ur fire my lova, so don't shove me away, make u feel the deepest prediction for meh, i'ma win you over, make u hover over da edge, make u pledge your love to meh and only meh!!!

Days Of Wrath

forgiveness is not mine to supply, respect is to be applied for, you will not be denied, take a risk when you apply for a test, do your best or else you'll fail miserablly, if you pass this dangerous quest, you will be accepted as no other, demons of your past coming to haunt ya in your dreams, visions of the new age landing upon your doorstep, the days of wrath have come to you!!!

Innocent Or Guilty?!

Deep Shadows Beneathe The Gallows on hollow ground, bellowing voices hollering at me, follow the yellow arrows or you'll lose your way, beware of the rose colored sparrow he'll lead you to your death, unsheathe that blade and go through the everglades, wade very carefully or you'll be the one that's hated, i've waited to long to be proven wrong, go where ya belong, there your fate awaits you, shall you be innocent or guilty???!!!

Lonesome Dove

you're one charm that the girls love, you're known as the lonesome dove, you're very warm when they swarm around ya, fawning at ya feet, realization dawning in your eyes with a beat your heart leaps, complications appearing in your mind, as if you were in a bind, oh let the wind blow over, a secret letter from the girls you'll receive, pleas perceive and don't deceive, you beter not harm them, or the alarm will go off, arm yourself for threes a charm

True Friends & True Love Never Dies!

I have shed the tears, Felt the Pain, Fell into the Shadows, not wanting to come back, my sorrow was deep, And I was lost, but how could anyone, help me be free, but that whom my heart belongs to truly, i have ruined friendships, but always in truth and honesty, for good or for worse, i look after those closest to my heart, if you need me, i'm there for you, if you need support, by god i will give it, if its advice you need, i can sincerely do my best to help you!, if you are my enemy and are playing with me - WATCH YOUR BACK!!!, i will not deal with the impudence that others have wrought upon their friends and the like!!!! Friends are there for you in good times and bad, forever in your heart, their pain is your pain, like a stain on your heart, only true love for friends and family will keep you alive, and sane forever!, stubborness and hot headedness, i have changed, kind-gentle and caring i am, i have fallen truly deeply in love, my heart is his for the taking, but to my friends and family i'm always watching out for you even if i'm far away, TRUE FRIENDS AND TRUE LOVE NEVER DIE!!!


Being Intoxicated

Makes me feel Exotic

In every manner of the Word

Like a Swift Sword

Coming down In Half

Wedged Between Actions

Not Knowing What You want to Do

But Doing Everything In your Power

To Not Do the one thing You Want Most

Thus You Just Give In To Being Wasted

Yet You Dont Regret a thing you Did

And You Cherish Or Despise What You Had Done

Its Only Human To Remember What You've Done

You'll Live with it Forevermore

Remembering Lil Jassy (Written when she turned 2)

You Helped Me Have You When You Were Born

I Held You And Cried At Your Beauty, Knew My Life Would Never Be The Same

You spitting your Food Up And Having To Be Burped

Your First Tooth And Your Tantrums

Your Hand was So Tiny In the Palm Of My Hand

Your Gibberish And Funny And Cute Expressions

You Crawling So Fast Forward and Scooting Backwards

You Starting to Walk And Continue to Stumble

You holding My Hand So As To Learn To Walk

You Starting To Walk And Explore Your Environment more

You Starting To Talk in more ways than one

Entertaining You To Keep You Happy

Tickling you and you Laugh Hysterically In response

You Like To Sit And Watch Musicals With Me My Darling Baby Is Growing Up

You Hit A Growth Spurt And Now Almost reach My Hip

My Little Monkey Climbing And Getting Into Everything

Smiling and Doing Weird stuff with expressions = ]

Loving your tiny little car, Driving around the house with it, Your feet paddling the floor as you go

Being able to make cute little piggy tails out of your hair = ] and other various hair styles

The Bows & Headbands & The Luxurious Dresses Your Wore And Still Are

Tiny Little Shoes now A Size 4 going on 5

You move your little wee pinky toe like your mommy does

You Make the same sounds and mimic me constantly

You Grabbing Everything You want At the Store

How Very Mischievous You are And Here It Comes!

Almost Time For Toddler Years , You are growing Oh So Fast,

Where Has the Time Gone, Why Does it Go So So Fast?

Welcoming My Terrible 2's Jassy ^_^

Togetherness With Friends & Family

Everyday At Dinner Time

We Gather Together

We Eat At The Same Table

Discussing How Our Day Went

And What New Exciting Things Occurred

Like In Days of Old

Before the Television Was Made

But We Are Still Out There

Those Families Who Value Togetherness

Eating Dinner And Sharing Our Day And Our Thoughts

We Strive To Keep Our Families Together And Strong As Can Be

Therefore We Wove A Web Of Love And Understanding

Where We Together As A Team

Help One Another Achieve Our Dreams

And Keep Our Family Happy And Sweet

Husband & Wife throughout our lives!

When I Met You, It Wasn't Long Til I Liked Then Loved You

The Nights We Stayed Up Late And Talking, The Goofing around and Cam to Cam

The Expressions We Shared and Faces We Made

Then The Distance Was Hard To Bear Because Our Love Was Too Strong

So We Talked And Decided We Loved One Another More Than Life Itself

So Then I Left My Home Moved In With You

The Kisses, The Loving, The Sweetness, The Presents We shared

The Memories We Made

You Asked Me To Marry You, I Said Yes Forever And Ever

We Got Pregnant :) , We Lost a fetus :(

We Got Pregnant Again, Finally Decided A Date To Be Binded Together Forever

Then We Got Married And A Family Was Produced = ]

Going Through Our Baby Steps With Jasmine

More Memories Made In Mother And Fatherhood

One Big Happy Family We Are = ]

We All Have Our Ups And Downs

But It Brings Us Together So Strong

Our Bond Is Unbreakable, Its Been Wrung So Tight = ]

We Were Meant To Be And Will Forever Be

Finding Your True Friends

Be Who You Want To Be

And Not As Others Want to See

True Friends will love you just as you are

but fake friends will soon drift away

you need better friends anyway

those kind, caring, helpful and thoughtful
those faithful loyal and true
will help you when you're feeling blue

smiles all the while
driving down the mile
singing songs together

to start winding down your troubles

Its Like Nothing you've ever been, you have your ups and downs of course, but then you'll know in the end that you have truly found the proper friends, not for your similiarities but the moments and sharing you do together = )

true and free

soaring and flying
Reaching for the heavens above
Your Soul Has Lifted
Just Be Who You Are
And You'll Know Who Your True Friends Are = )

Hottest Desire

You're Giving Me The Impression

That You'll Be Cursed Into Damnation

I'll Just Smile And Say Its Not Shame

It'll Take You Awhile To Get Me Inflamed

Lets Make It A Game

Even If It Sounds Lame

I'm All The Same

You Can't Tame Me

If You Do You'll Fall In The Hall Of Fame

Come Here And Receive Your Claim

I'm All To Blame

For Your Everlasting Desire!

Happy Birthday PawPaw

Happy Birthday PawPaw
Now You're Turning Ninety
Ain't That Great
Probably Seems Like The Years Flew Past You
You're Sweet And Kind
Funny And Cheerful
Young At Heart
Full of Supreme Knowledge
Love to See Your Grandchildren Running Around, And More To come
Tons of Years With MawMaw, The Love you Feel For her and All of Your Family, You're Lucky and True to Your Heart, No one Has a Bad thought on their tongue when you're around!

You're One OF the Happiest Men That Ever Set Foot On This Planet,
All That I know, Is that You're One Of The Greatest Men that Ever Lived!!!

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