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The Academy of Guardians

Updated on June 5, 2017
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Chapter One...

I was singing tonight in Club 87. I was only allowed to sing in this club because my parents knew the owner. And because I didn't look seventeen. People would often say that I was nineteen, twenty or even twenty-one.

I was singing Almost lover. It was my last of many songs that I have sang tonight. And I was glad because my voice was starting to get tired. But as I was singing my eyes , as they were looking around the room had locked on to this guy. He seemed to have locked his eyes onto mine aswell.

As our eyes were locked onto each other, I could tell that there was a smile playing around on his lips. I tried not to smile but I couldn't help it. It came naturally. I couldn't remember the last time I smiled and it came naturally. I don't think there was actually ever a time.

I finally finished my song, but our eyes lingered for seconds after. It wasn't until this guy blinked and I was able to move my head so I wasn't looking at him. I put my gutair back stage and then made my way to the bar. I only ordered a coke and sat there alone taking sips.

While I was sitting and sipping my drink, my thoughts went to my ex boyfriend. The guy I thought was the one. The guy, I thought loved me and that he would never hurt me. But I was wrong. So wrong. He did hurt me and in an unimaginal way.

I don't know why he had done it. I suppose it was for fun. It wasn't fun for me. It was terrifing. It was a nightmare that I have every night for the last six months. And I think I was always going to have that nightmare. I couldn't help but think everyday, if only I was stronger. If only I took my father's advice to go to the Academy last year, I would have had the strength and power to stop him. But I didn't. I wanted to stay with Shane, Because I loved him. I was so wrong.

'Hello,' A male's voice sounded behind me.

It sounded like he could have been russian. It was like music to my ears.

I turned to find that it was the guy that I couldn't look away from. He was smiling at me, so I smiled back.

'Hello.' I said back.

'May I?'


The guy sat and ordered a coke. Then turned back to me.

'Hi, my name is Danila.'


'You have a really beautiful voice.'

'Thank you.'

I was almost tempted to tell him that he had a beautiful voice to. Because he did. It was like velvet honey. It was smooth. It sounded as if he had not long come to Los Angeles. And he was cautious of how he spoke.

We spoke for what felt like hours. But as soon as it hit eleven-thirty I had to leave because I had an early day tomorrow. So we said our goodbyes and I left alone.

I left the club and I was now on my way to my hotel. I didn't have a house because my parents had passed away and so I sold their house. I couldn't stand living there, because it reminded me too much of my parents. It was too depressing. That and because it reminded me of my ex boyfriend. And I wanted nothing from him. Not after what had happened. Not after what he did to me.

I was going to this school tomorrow because my parents had wanted me to. Because I wouldn't get my full inheritence if I didn't. They said something like If I wanted to reach my full potential, I had to go. It was where they both went. So I knew I had to go. One part of me was excited about going, because of who I could meet there. I only say that because my parents both met there and they also had a lot of friends who were still their friends when they died.

I found myself thinking of that guy I just met. I didn't know why I was. I mean he was clearly older than me. But I suppose that didn't matter that much. But I couldn't help but think about his smile. The way he said my name. The way I felt his eyes on me, or when his eyes reached mine, they seemed to get locked with each other. And his hair. I would normally not like long hair on a guy. But the way his fell around his face. It just suited him.

I found myself smiling, just thinking of my night talking to him.

I managed to walk just passed the corner of the club and turned the corner. I only took about three steps when I was pushed from behind. It wipe the smile right of my face. It scared the shit out of me. But I didn't scream. Because I had been trained by my father about these situations.

So I quickly regained myself and pulled out the chop stick that was in my hair. It made my hair fall around my face but I quickly pushed it behind my ears. I was then alert. I saw the thing that pushed me and I went charging at it. We fought for a minute and he got a few good hits in my ribs and one on my jaw. I had enough playing and I stuck my chop stick in his heart. He then disentergrated.

I began to relax, but out of no where came another. A female. She punched me in the back of the head and I went down. I blacked out a bit.

I woke to see that guy, what was his name? . . . Danila. He was struggling with that thing that attack me. He then done with ease what I had done with my first victim. I closed my eyes, when his back was still to me. And when I sensed that he was about two or three steps away I opened my eyes. I acted suprised when I saw that it was him and he was looking at me. I had to act suprised because he wasn't supposed to know that what I could do.


'It's ok now.' He looked at my head, then moved his eyes towards mine. They seemed to lock onto mine for a few seconds, before Danila blinked and I was able to look somewhere else. 'Can you walk? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?'

'Yes and No.'

'Are you sure?'

'I'm tougher than I look.' I hoped up and smiled at him.

He smiled back and told me that he would walk me home. It only took under five minutes to reach my hotel. I think Danila was suprised when he realised that I was staying at a hotel.

'Thank you. For helping me. I don't know how I could ever repay you.'

'I'm just happy that I got there in time and your ok.'

Danila smiled at me. It was a smile that reached his eyes. It made me smile back. I hadn't smiled this much in the last six to eight months. So I did something that I didn't think I was ever capable of doing. I kissed him.

But what suprised me more was that he kissed me back. And it wasn't just a kiss because I kissed him. It was a kiss that had passion and heat. Like there was no other in the world. Only just the two of us.

Danila wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tighter to him. I could tell that he had a lot of strength.

After a few minutes we stepped away from each other. Danila just watched me. He was studying my face. I could tell there was a smirk that was playing around his edges of his lips.

My cheeks felt hot so I knew they were red. And I couldn't help but feel embarrashed.

'Would you like a coffee?' I quickly said, trying to get over my shyness.

'Sure,' He smile once again.

I quickly opened my door and was glad that my room was clean. I motioned Danila to have a seat on the lounge and I walked over to the mini kitchen one Danila sat down. I flicked the kettle on, and looked over my shoulder and notice that Danila was looking at me. I smiled then turned back around.

I handed Danila the coffee and then sat down next to him. I was so nervous because I had never done this before. I have only had one boyfriend. We dated for three years and it was kind off serious. I thought he cared for me deeply. But I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. But after what he had done to me. The way he hurt me I knew he didn't. And for that I couldn't trust another guy again.

But somehow Danila was different. I could trust Danila. I don't know why, But I completely trusted him. And I had only know Danila for a few short hours.

'Thanks, for walking me home.'

'It was my pleasure.'

There was silence then, so I took a sip of my coffee.



'Where did you learn to sing?'

'Oh. Um. . . Fooling around in my room. I wasn't going to do anything about it. But my Rents believed in me.'

I couldn't believe I told him that. And that I was rambling. I think it was because I was nervous.

'How long have you been singing in the club?'

'Six months. Tonight was my last.'

'Where to next?'

'School. So why were you at club tonight?' I changed the subject away from me.

'Just a night out before I have to start a new job.'

I placed my cup on the coffee table. I didn't really drink it. But I made it an excuse to ask Danila wanted to come in. I didn't expect Danila to accept.

Danila then put his coffee down.

'I have an confession to make,' he suddenly looked shy.

'Yeah. What's that?'

'I don't drink coffee.'

'You don't?'


'So why?'

'Tell the truth, I have no idea. I don't do this sort of thing.'

'Tell the truth Neigther do I.'

We then smiled at each other. And before we knew it, we were both leaning in to each other. We began to kiss again and Danila wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him, once again. And I felt his huge muscles from under his shirt. And that's where I realised where he got his strength from.

I had never felt this way kissing Shane my ex boyfriend. Kissing Danila, It was like everything inside of me had finally woken up. And it was the best feeling I thought I could possibly have.

Now looking back at my relationship with Shane, I now knew that it was all pretend. I didn't know until now. I think that our relationship was only because we were both captains. He was a captain of the football team and I was the captain of the cheerleading squad. It was probably something like, we looked good together because we were both captains. It was like we were supposed to be together. Talk about peer pressure.


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