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The Adventure in Amazon Forest

Updated on May 8, 2012

 When I was at the age 12 I read an adventure story of three kids visiting the Amazon forest. It was an adventure fiction with wild and romantic description of the Amazon forest. At that time I was totally submerged in it. This hub is a brief description of that.

The story begins as the uncle of one kid decides to start a new business; he would go to the Amazon forest, catch some exotic animals and would sell those to the zoos. The kid and his two friends decided to go with him and somehow managed the uncle to agree to that.

 They first went to Rio De Janeiro to begin their Amazon adventure. There they meet their enemy, a man with a face like a Gorilla, who was also in the same animal catching business. He comes in the later part of the story. They found a crazy pilot who would take them to an Amazon Indian village and from there they would move on foot or in boat.

The plane journey was dangerous but thanks to the crazy pilot and his crazy flying techniques that they landed or more precisely crashed on a house in the Indian village. The pilot was a known face in that village and the Indians greeted them affectionately. They enjoyed a feast there (with exotic Indian food, snake, insects were the main dishes) and moved on to the adventure the next day. The Indians provided a guide and two canoes to help them on the journey.

The first day was nice, they moved forward through the river, they caught their first animal, a small Tapir. The dinner was awesome as the Indian guide caught some fish and cooked those in their own style (covered the fish with mud and threw to the fire and after a while when the mud cover got hard, he took that fish mould out and broke the cover).

The problem began from the next day as some other Indians from the riverside attacked their boat and started to shoot poisonous arrows. The uncle got shot by one arrow and the situation was getting worse when suddenly the Indians retreated. Soon they found out the cause of the retreat, there was a huge waterfall waiting for them.

 Falling from the waterfall, almost all their supplies were gone, their uncle was badly injured and at that point the Indian guide refused to go any further as the land in front was forbidden for his tribe. So, the three kids found them on their own in the deadliest forest on earth with their uncle badly needing doctor’s help, which was nowhere to be found in around 100 miles.

This was the beginning of their adventure. I will try to write more about the story in a later hub. This is it, for now.


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    • profile image

      anderson morales 7 years ago

      nice story love it