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The Adventures Of Sid

Updated on June 17, 2019

I Am An Extraordinary Cat

If I say so myself

I have so many stories to tell

I have one owner

She is a wonderful poet as well as an inspirational writer

Her name happens to be

Gypsy Rose Lee

Her father was also a famous poet

I am the luckiest cat alive

I recently have moved half way around the world

Mom brought me with her to this lovely place called Florida

My mom could tell you all about it

I just love going outside on the rooftop

I use to hang around in our old garden

I love to make friends

There is one friend who lives in Maine

Her name is Charlotte

Even though I have never really met her

I heard she is really something

She does a lot of the same things I love to do

Sleep and dream

Then when we wake up

We can't wait to explore our day

We sometimes cause some trouble

Luckily whatever mess we get into

Our sweet, sweet parents get us out of

Both our owners know each other

They met on a writing site called HubPages

Where they can write until their hearts content

Sometimes we get mentioned in their hubs

They make us funny, crazy and so cute

Even though I don't go on the computer

Mom tells me all about it

It is such a wonderful thing

Where people can connect

From just words

Then if you are really creative and talented

You can put pictures

Some people go even farther and post videos

These videos come from a site called YouTube

I think it should be called My Videos

Each video is filled with action and excitement

Making everything you read even more wonderful

Some people just love to write

Then let you use your imagination and create your own pictures in your mind

There is no limit to what you can think of

I know I would be on the computer every day

Checking out all kinds of information

Where to get my favorite cat treats by the case

Look at all the cat toys I can also buy

There is one problem

They all require some sort of payment

A cat with money or credit card that would be silly

A talking cat is something people can understand and accept

We can only go so far

I know it's a crazy world out there

Some people are a little cuckoo

Most people are real friendly and really cool

On the Q T

All we have to do

Is drop lots of hints to our owners

After awhile they will see the big picture

Cats are very smart

Where dogs tend to bark louder and wag their tales way too much

I have to go

My owner is going to wake up soon

I am getting hungry and tired at the same time

I think I will eat and go back to bed

I think I have to pounce on her to get her up

She will be surprised

Then she will open her sleepy eyes

Crawl out of bed for me

Put a little food down

Then after I eat

I will come up and crawl under her arm

She will pat me an endless amount of times

Off to dreamland I will go

What a life

Dogs bark and have to go for a walk with their owner on a leash

We are free spirited and go anywhere we please

Free as our friends the birds

You tell me who is smarter?

Dogs have a reputation of mans best friend

Cats will give dogs all the fame

The truth is

We have much more fun

When was the last time you heard of a dog

Any dog jumping on the furniture and walking inbetween an expensive light and a vase filled with flowers

Then climbing a curtain for kicks and giggles

I would like to see that

That takes talent and skill

More to come

One big meow

For all those people who don't know

That means Chow


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