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The Adventures of Lily The Lotion

Updated on March 24, 2012

Lily's Adventure

©Adrienne Manson, Abundant Waters Management, Inc. All rights reserved no parts of this content may be reproduced without the authors sole permission

Lily was a sweet young girl sitting on the shelf at Target Discount store. Each day as the doors of Target opened for customers to come in Lily would perch her eyes open to see how many people would be coming into the store. When any customers would come down through her aisle she would close her eyes and pray within herself that someone would purchase her and take her home.

It seemed like days, even weeks went by, and no one had picked Lily up to put her in their basket. As mothers pushed their shopping carts right pass Lily to look at other bottles. Lily wept within herself as she watched with one eye open as mothers constantly made purchase, after purchase of Binky the Baby Lotion. Lily started to get jealousy of all the Binkies on the aisle that went fast because mothers needed Binky the Baby Lotion for the newborns and toddlers at home. Lily the Lotion started to wish she was a Binky so someone would take her home. But day after day Lily the Lotion sat on the shelf waiting and wishing for a home.


Binky The Baby Lotion
Binky The Baby Lotion | Source

Months went by and soon Lily was about to turn a year older. She had been sitting on the shelf for a year with no one to belong to except for the other Lily the Lotions next to her. Every night when the store closed Lily, Binky, and Sam the Lotion for Rough Dry Skin would all chat about the days events. Others would come and gather around and listen to their little chats. Even Priscilla the Baby Power would come over to hear the news of what went on with Lily the Lotion. Lily said to Sam, "I am just tired of waiting and waiting for someone to pick me up I'm gonna be on old maid by the time someone purchase me!" Sam said to Lily, "All stop your whining Lily lets go over to the snack aisle and see what Cranky the sugar cookies are doing."

Everyone in the store called the sugar cookies cranky because they were teasing the sugar cookies. The sugar cookies had parties going on in the aisle every night. The sugar cookies weren't cranky, it was the others who were cranky because they didnt have any parties going on in their aisles. Everyone just shook their head and peered over and watched Craig which was the sugar cookies real name. They all gossiped about Craig saying "this is ridiculous!" They all continued, and talked about how Craig would cut up and clown. They were upset because all they could do was watch. They couldn't do anything because they didn't have any sugar which was the joy juice of the sugar cookies.

Sam, and Priscilla

Sam,and Priscilla
Sam,and Priscilla | Source

Sam's Revenge

One night Sam said to Lily, "We ought to go over and pull the plug on their fun". Lily said, "What are you saying pull the plug?" Sam said, "Come on I'll show you." Sam and Lily wobbled down the aisle Lily didn't have a clue as to what Sam was going to do. Sam took Lily over by the main sprinkler system by Craig. Sam reached inside his pouch and took out a cigarette and lit it and took a few puffs. Before they knew anything the sprinkler system went off, and water started squirting out all over Craig and the other sugar cookies. Their dancing went from jumping and hopping to a slow, limp, crawl, limp, crawl.

Sam and Lily laughed and laughed as they watched Craig and all the other sugar cookies get wet. The water washed off all their joy juice because without the sugar on their cookies they couldn't dance anymore. (to be continued)


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