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The Adventures of Lucius-Chapter I

Updated on October 4, 2014


This chapter I of The Adventures of Lucius story. To see the Foreword and Prologue go here

The Circle of Aeromancy
The Circle of Aeromancy

Chapter I- How It All Actually Began

So there I was lying on my back in the midst of the ruins of a ship. Now, dear reader, you must understand that this was not a seagoing vessel. In point, it sailed through the skies. If I understand correctly, it was somehow powered by steam like this world’s locomotive or “train” as some people call it is also powered. Do not ask me for the technical details of such things for I am wizard not technocrat, and therefore I have not made it my habit to study technology. I much rather would study magic or smithing, which seems quite a deal easier than both magic and technology. I mean seriously. Smiths don’t have to worry about or strange powders, liquids, or other substances blowing up in their faces. I don’t understand why everyone in the whole wide cosmos hasn’t become a smith. It would make life so much easier. Although then we would probably also starve because we wouldn’t have farmers, and we would also probably run out of metal to smith with because we wouldn’t have miners. So I guess all things considered, it is a good thing that we haven’t all become smiths. Now, where was I?

So there I was lying on my back on a sandy beach, which was most likely a very beautiful place most of the time. Of course at the moment the entire beauty of the place was kind of lost on me. After all, I had just woken in the middle of a wreck. I should inform you that usually when one of these steam powered sky ships wreck, people don’t survive. At the moment though this thought had not crossed my mind.

My initial thoughts on waking up were as follows. Why am I in pain? Where am I? Who, the hell, am I? This third was not really meant in any deep philosophical sense. As I have already informed you, I had absolutely no memory of who I was. Why am I holding a small metal disk clutched in my fist as though I were hanging on to it for dear life? What am I doing? The fifth thought’s question was quickly answered as I realized that I was lying on my back. Also I am quite positive that my dear, dear friend Kianith the Scribe will shortly be putting in some sort of ridiculous footnote to point out how very ridiculous I am. Please just ignore his footnotes, they really shouldn’t be in this text. He is always correcting me, or you know trying to keep me focused. As though being focused is some sort of great heavenly virtue.8

Opening my fist, I looked at the small round metal disk and realized that it was most like a coin. On one side of the coin, there was an intricate pattern of flowing beautiful lines with a set of scales like merchants use for weighing stuff in the middle. On one side of the scales there was an opened book with the word scientiae written on it. At this point, I realized that I had not lost my linguistic faculties.9 I immediately recognized the word scientia as meaning knowledge. On the other side of the scales was a sword with the word fortitudo meaning courage written across its blade. Flipping the coin over, I saw on the back four lands carved out from the center. In the very center, there was written the name Lucius, which I of course instantly assumed was my name. I still had no idea why I had this weird silvery metal disk. I also had no idea why I was waking up on a beach in the middle of a wreck.

Slowly because my entire body flared with agony when I moved, I rose to my feet. At that moment a darkly clad figure appeared as though from nowhere upon the horizon. It seemed as though he saw, and he raised a gnarly claw like hand and pointed it at me. Then he roared something bestial sounding that I could not understand, and lightning arced forth from his hand at me.

Stop and consider for a moment, dear reader, what you would do in such a situation. You have just woken up in the middle of nowhere amidst a wreck of a sky ship. You should have most likely died in said wreck. You have absolutely no memory of who you are, and then as soon as you have gone through all the pain and misery of rising to your feet, someone tries to kill you with of all things lightning. What would you do?

I, of course, did what any sensible human being would and screamed really, really loudly. Having began my sonic offensive, I dove for cover. That is right, I hid. You see this is the logical thing to do. I could have boldly charged at him as many a hero would undoubtedly do, but heroes are idiots. This doesn’t really recommend me to be a very brilliant person when you think about it. I mean after all this story is about yours truly being a hero. So apparently, I’m an idiot, or at least at one point in my life I behaved like one. Who knows, perhaps before I lost all my memories I was an absolute coward and therefore a very intelligent human being.10

So I dove for cover thus enabling myself to survive to the day when I would be running for my life from a dragon and a horde of walking corpses. Then remembering that I was in point of fact a wizard, and therefore that I commanded the great and awesome powers of the elements, I rose to my feet and summoned lightning. I hurled it across the beach at my would be killer, and he held up his hand and absorbed it. I seriously can never get a break.

At this point, I turned to run, but my would be killer waved his hand. I froze unable to move. A sense of fear and despair washed over my soul and threatened to crush it beneath their weight. The assailant laughed as he moved inexorably towards me. Then there was the roar of a gun.


8My notes are here to explain how things actually happened and to bring order to the otherwise incoherent ramblings of a madman, who just happens to be a wizard. As you can see, he often gets side tracked.

9His language abilities

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10Can you believe that some people actually think that this man is a hero?

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