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The Adventures of Neebob

Updated on May 5, 2010

The Adventures of Neebob

Neebob sat restlessly in his tree, Teuton.   The air was unusually calm, the sun unusually dim, and the trees unusually quiet.  The stiller he sat, the more he felt he could feel Teuton breathe; the stiller he sat the more he could feel the planet breathe.  The two suns that ruled the planet cast two different shadows, one of red, one of blue, the two combing together to create a glow that was neither here, nor there.  Its color urged thoughtfulness on him that he couldn’t ignore.

So much…

This was his home, the planet of Arbor.  The planet was a small planet – if you could call any planet in the universe small – and was full of forests.  Millions and millions of trees speckled its grainy surface, creating a world that was both mysterious and safe.  Amid these countless number of trees were many of the tree species, Dentro-zoi (called Denzo for short).  The species was extremely old, inhabiting the planet since its beginning, and were very much perceived as certain guardians of the universe; they were watchful, intelligent, kind, they were all the things a protector should be – a protector has to be.

            They were the lungs of the universe, Neebob thought.  They were always breathing, in a very unassuming and ominous way, keeping the universe strong and unmoving.

            The Denzo, however, had more of a purpose then just living as sentient beings on the planet Arbor, for that was the purpose that the outside world – the outside universe – perceived.  Their more important, more secretive task, was one that had been carried on for generation and generation, for years, millions of years.   It was their task to appoint Helpers.

            How appropriate that the true helpers of the universe are chosen to choose the Helpers.

            The Denzo were, of course, extremely selective on whom was chosen for being a Helper.  A Helper had to be brave, a Helper had to be wise, a Helper had to be selfless, but most of all a Helper had to have a true understanding – a true meaning – of love, and the power that pertains in it.  The Denzo will be the first to tell you, in their deep, elongated voice, that the universe runs on the principal of love, and all its mysteries, confusing intervals, and devastating conclusions.  For if the universe is vast love is even vaster.

            And that’s what Neebob was – he was a Helper.  There used to be dozens of Helpers skewering the universe, each one protecting a certain region of space, invisible beings keeping the universe at balance.  Some became famous, some not.  Each one did things different, had there own unorthodox way of seeing and choosing things.  It was appropriate this way; it was another kind of balance that the Denzo were aware of.  They knew that if there were to be Helpers that helped the universe then these helpers had to represent every single aspect of it – the greed, the fame, the power, the love, the hate.

            Shark, Rentroi, Meo, Lark, Biable… What happened to all of you?

            Slowly they began to disappear… at least that’s what the Denzo would tell you.  Stories began to circulate the universe, stories that told of the great Helpers fighting heroically in fierce battles against an impossible foe; or stories that the Helper was killed accidentally, that he didn’t see it coming, that it was just bad timing.  The stories glorified the Helpers, unmasked their secrecy, proved there mortality.  When asked about the Helpers, the Denzo would always respond, “Tis not my place to seek such masterful certainty.”

            How did I survive?

            Neebob was the last one standing, the only one to survive the peril, the doom, the uncertainty.  It was an odd feeling, being the last of something – to know that in the entire universe, in all of existence, that you were the only one remaining.  It was like being the last citizen of a species, looking onward towards the future silently and alone.  However in all its dread, there was a notion of hope, a notion that Neebob didn’t ignore, didn’t shove deep inside himself, but instead cherished.

            And as the last light of the two suns faded beneath the trees, as the breathing of Teuton, the planet and Neebob slowed, it was that thought that carried with him.  He was a Helper, the last guardian of the universe, and he would do everything in his power to live up to that name, to spread all the feelings he, and the Denzo, held dear.   He was the carrier of Hope; he was the rendition of love; he was the keeper of peace.

            Let the Adventures of Neebob begin.


Stay tuned for the posting of the individual adventures of Neebob...

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