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The Adventures of Zach Harrow; (Part III)

Updated on May 4, 2017
Ian CW Cameron profile image

Ian is a young writer from the mountains of Colorado, He has been writing since he was a toddler and his passion has not since faded at 30.

From Son to Father Planet

With the ship fully charged and set for re-launch, the crew settled back into their roles and the ship began departing from the gas giant. "Navigation has restored full controls," "Gundeck is back to travel-ready," "DefOps is running at 75%-ready-energy saver," came the COs from each team, respectively. The planet's rings slowly began to lose the intricate ringed details, the orange and cream bands began to run together forming thicker bands until the ship had gotten far enough away that Jupiter had become just a giant reddish planet marble. Next stop was Saturn, so they could slingshot around it and the last two gas giants to save fuel and gain speed to jettison outside of the sun's gravitational pull.

The crew gathered in the main dining hall to celebrate, The mission was a go! The buzz was palpable, laughter and various joyous banter filled the air. Glasses clinked and spirits flowed, the anticipation was thick. Dariun entered the hall. He had been forced to leave his HandPlasmaRevlover (or HPrevolver for short), a 30-06 rifle with laser shells, an energy sword, and other gear at the door. A Wyatt Earp law was enforced when inside the dining area. This made him uncomfortable and edgy. Better to have a gun and not need it, was one of his mottos. He checked his dirk, which was located in his left knee sock. One blade he was never willing to part with. He sat down at the captain's table, his seat, always to the left of the Captain. After adjusting himself at the table, he stole a look over at the right side of the captain's chair. Scotty sat there, they glanced at one another and silently nodded to each other. It was their duty to keep the Captain at his best. By giving him a secure place to rest and work, for him to raise a family, and to steer this village of people towards survival. Also, by giving him all the information needed to make a moral, ethical, beneficial, but most importantly survival-based decision on everything the ship's people required.

"Gentlemen," came a calm elegant voice, both knew the sound of Mrs. Zach's voice, "Have you seen my husband?"

"Last I saw of him, he said he was in need of changing for this occasion," Scotty replied, giving an almost verbatim retelling.

"He instructed me to come and sit at the table, wait for him here," Dariun pointed at his seat, but knowing all too well that this information was more of a small talk conversation than anything. Dariun continued, "I am sure it will be a matter of minutes."

"Thank you, gentlemen. Please, inform the Captain that I will be in the tub." She smiled, knowing she said that all too loud enough. The elegant dress didn't hide her figure, giving the mind enough to construct a scene of one's choosing. She departed with a sly wink. Whilst walking out of the hall, with gracefully smooth strides, it wasn't hard to notice all the eyes following her. Men and Women alike admired the woman, even if it were in a jealous fashion, or sensual, etc. As the large double door clicked shut, the spell was snapped back to their respective tables, all the attention paid to the Mrs. allowed Zach to enter the hall, even sit down, without notice. And thereafter, sitting in his chair, proceeded to pour himself, his right-hand, and left-hand man some wine. A silent toast, to the man at the helm, clink!

"Wonderfully executed, if I may say so myself." Dariun said to his lifelong friend, "She had the entire room wrapped up in her."

"It was her idea. She wanted to help me by easing my stress when attending these social events. I mean when I walk in otherwise, I would be swarmed at the door. This way it only takes a few seconds to get over here, instead of an hour." He smiled then, the little boy joy still intact, "This way she enters first and takes everyone's attention, off me."

A man at the table stood up and clinked his glass, "Nice to have all in order for this voyage, thanks to this man, right here." Bringing attention to the Captain's presence at the table. The governing man offered a toast, "To Captain Zach, the man with the plan!" "Here, Here," called out a few men, "Here, here!" echoed a chorus of others. Zach stood, raised his glass to the toast. Smiled politely, half bowed to the four directions, thanked everyone as he turned for showing their love. He knew a speech was coming, he began preparing himself for it even before the cheering and clapping subsided. He paused momentarily to gather his wits, composure, and to put his words in alignment.

"Here, Here," called out a few men, "Here, here!" echoed a chorus of others. Zach stood, raised his glass to the toast. Smiled politely half bowed to the four directions and thanked everyone, as he turned about, for showing their love. He knew a speech was coming, he began preparing himself for it even before the cheering and clapping subsided. He paused momentarily to gather his wits, composure, and to put his words in alignment.

He cleared his throat, "We have arrived..." He announced, but before he could continue with his words, another eruption of applause caused him to pause, "Now, now..." He tried to continue, but the people overwhelmed him and the hall cheered even more enthusiastically at the blushing man at the captain's table. Instead of another attempted at quelling the crowd, he smiled and took it all in. These people both loved and trusted him, the wave of gratitude took him close to tears.

Eventually, the sound did die down and the hall patrons returned to their seats. Chairs scraping on the floor, some final words exchanged, creating an anticipatory atmosphere. The Captain began again,

"We have arrived, here were are..." He started, collecting his thoughts as one would collect a knocked-over stack of papers, "And, let me remind you. It is not only because of me, why we are here today," a few jeers at this notion floated around but died quickly, "Wait, Listen. I may have turned the wheel..." Some called out about organization, training lessons he had given, calming leadership, and many other callouts punctuated the air. He put both hands up, asking for silence, "But," He stressed, " it was navigation the pointed us in the right direction, GunDeck, and DefenseOps that have kept our ship safe, The CKS (Captain's guard, Knights of Edelon pilots, and Security Marines) for being there for the people, HHM for keeping our lives happy and healthy, the computers and sciences division for keeping us up to date." He took a moment to take a sip of water.

"In light of all that, we still have a long way to go," He gazed out onto everyone in the room, addressing each individual there, "This ship is our home, we are going to have a few generations born aboard this space vessel. We are going to have to help one another when someone is sick, injured, or otherwise. We are in this together, as a crew, as... a family!" Applause once again broke his concentration, but this time the hall stood and erupted again. They loved this man and knew it was reciprocated.

The captain saved the rest of his speech, the joyous cheering and overall happiness of the crew left him speechless. He waved for silence and quickly announced, "Let us feast!"


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