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The Aftermath Of Walking Through The Fire

Updated on May 2, 2009

Without a doubt she could sense she was the talk of the town. At her local grocery store, the women’s groups, even at the old people’s home were she does some charity work. The remarks of the few friends she has made it all too obvious. Her husband had bought her a brand new car, a Maybach Exelero. All of a sudden she was the talk of her little community. Barely two years after she got to the community, she seemed to be a popular figure. She has a perfect marriage, a beautiful kid and now a  Maybach Exelero. Indeed some of the ladies in her community wondered what’s so special about her, what does she has that they don’t. She tries her best to ignore the gossips and never allow it bother her. In all honesty she was the one who would rather live in the community. All she had to do was say the word and her husband would move the family. She actually loves her Maybach Exelero  and enjoys driving it, a very special gift from her husband after walking through the fire. How did it happen again, her mind drifted off….

She was eight and half months pregnant, almost due. She was all alone in the house, new to the community, no friend and no family around. Her husband had traveled on a business trip to be back the next day. He had called about 10pm to see how she was doing and kiss her goodnight, and then it began. Her husband thought he had turned off his cell phone after their conversation, but unfortunately his phone was still on. Since there was no other way she could reach him, she decided to hang up when she heard a female’s voice. Her heart drops, this could not be happening, she tries to convince herself it was a nightmare but the lady’s voice reminded her how real this was, because it was his secretary’s. She was telling her husband to do all sort of nasty things to her, telling him to take his penis out of her pussy and insert it in her mouth and back inside again. She could hear her husband hammering away as she screams all sorts of nasty things. Now he is on her breast and she was asking him if his wife’s breast is as beautiful as hers. As hard as she tries, she could not get herself off the phone, she just remained glued to it, and after almost fifty minutes they finally finished. Though her love/sex life with her husband was totally awesome, she never knew her husband could go that long. She could not sleep the whole night; she was restless, shaking and breathing heavily, then she realized how stupid she had been. What if she had gone into premature labor?  Now she had such a deep rage inside, this was far from over


The next day she marched to her husband’s office, it was almost 12noon and she knew he would be there. She barged into his office screaming, never seen his wife like this before her husband knelt down and begged her not to do this at his office. She would only leave if he promises to fire the secretary. He agreed and went back home with her. At home she gave him a vivid description how she spent the night. Her husband was speechless for a while, and then he broke down in tears. This was a huge shock to her, seeing her husband cry. She had never seen him cry before; it broke her heart to see him sob real hard like a baby but then he had betrayed their marital vows. They had spent the whole day talking and trying to figure out where it all went wrong, he was willing to do anything to save his marriage. He agreed to go for counseling with her. She still lobes her husband and already knew she would forgive him eventually, but now was the time to speak some sense to him. She scolded him more especially about the fact that he didn’t use a condom. It was one thing to cheat, but another to put her life and that of their unborn baby in danger. Two months into the counseling session, the birth of their baby, she knew she had made the right choice to work on her marriage instead of divorce. He had been so nice and caring; he worked so hard to win back her trust back. He was ecstatic when she told him she had long forgiven him, but only wanted to see how much he wanted his marriage to work. He commended her for not giving up on him and their marriage, then he bought her a beautiful gift to say Thank You, a Maybach Exelero. As she drives to the store, she thought about the gossips and those jealous of her and her supposedly perfect marriage without any hitch. Would they have survived if they were in her shoes? Appearance could be deceptive sometimes because nobody knows what you have gone through except you, the more reason why people should not be too quick to judge others. For a fact she knew that most people would WALK THROUGH FIRE at least once in their life time, but what would be their AFTERMATH?


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    • Laughing Mom profile image

      Laughing Mom 8 years ago

      Ummm....yeah. What GT said.

      I've never even heard of that car!

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

      He got off real easy.