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The Age Of Reason

Updated on May 16, 2017


The Age of Reason was a book written by Thomas Paine in the 18th century. It made case for Deism, a believe in the existence of a higher power but not necessarily the organized religion of the times.

- May 2017


From the age of reason, which brought about our nation and leading to the most successful country in the history of the world, we seem to be going backwards. The new progressives have been undermining this idea and pushing humanism as the new Savior. This new idea where government is the answer to all our problems and inequalities of the past. The push for equality at every level surpasses all other considerations. Where has it taken us?

Here are some key points of progressives.

  • separation of church and state
  • healthcare is a right
  • living wage
  • social justice
  • racial equality
  • gender neutrality
  • net nutrality
  • feminism
  • level the playing field
  • environment protection at all cost
  • Peace instead of war
  • open borders

The Results...

As a conservative, if any of these progressive ideas actually worked, I would have changed my thinking and pay homage to their wisdom. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. In every case, when we replace God's law with man's aspirations, we end up with something worse. It is a case where good intentions fails everytime when it goes against human nature.

Many of our current societal problems can be traced to these good intention government programs. Not all problems are the fault of big government but they most definitely were made worse. Here are some examples.

  • Teen preganency and unwed mothers - the rise coincided with the war on poverty. As we try to help the poor by providing housing, food, childcare credits and welfare, we encouraged poor behavior.
  • As we enact minimum wage laws across the nation, the teenage unemployment rate spikes.
  • As we put more money into public education and common core, our student's academic levels actually dropped compared to other advanced countries. Why?
  • Our attempt to provide healthcare to all in the ACA, actually destroyed the whole healthcare system. We are left with a rising premiums and higher deductibles for 90 percent of the people in an attempt to insure the 10%.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Connecting the dots is something we hear often. How did we get here? We started our democracy with the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution... We had divine guidance helping our founders in crafting a unique form of government. In the years since, we have try to remove God from the public square with dire consequences. Whenever, we try to replace God's plan with humanism, something bad happens and we wonder why? It is always we need more money or higher taxes... The real answer is personal responsibility and helping our neighbors...

My contention is that we went off the rails when the Supreme Court forced "Separation of Church and State" and ruled on the right to abortion as a human right. The breakdown of the family and "no fault" divorces along with welfare help sealed the deal.


What we need is a renewed revelation and understanding of our founding fathers. They were not these bigoted white old men that wanted to oppressive everyone that does not look like them. They were intelligent and educated and enlightened but most importantly, they were guided by divine providence to form the Unitied States of America.


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    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 8 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Thanks for the feedback. Point taken. Thomas Payne was one of my heroes. I guess I will have to add some more text to explain where I was going. Come back in a day or so...

    • Dean Traylor profile image

      Dean Traylor 8 months ago from Southern California

      Um...just wondering something: Is this a critique of Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason or of the Progressive Agenda of Today? I expected it was about one of my favorite writers (the picture may have led me astray), but instead I got few bullet points about the evils of an ideology you don't support. You may want to expand on them and make a better connection or just focus on one point and go with it.