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The Age of Adaline Review

Updated on April 26, 2015

Romance film, movie review, 2015, critic, Harrison Ford, Blake Lively

My Summary: The story begins with Adaline in present day time, I think because she dresses like she still is in the 50s. A car accident combined with a lightning strike caused her to stop aging (yes it is totally possible, not). She then decides never to tell anyone about this and keeps having to change her name, age, and location. That is until she meets this one guy who is just irresistible and she thinks she needs to stay clear of him because she'll end up getting hurt and so will he. But of course she can't keep running away forever so she falls for him and then they meet his parents. The father happens to be the one man Adaline had a relationship with 40 years ago and things start to get complicated. Oh yeah she also has a daughter but don't expect too much story there.

The Good: The main reason anyone should go see this film is Blake Lively. From the first shot you see of her you can buy that she is much older in mannerisms, language, posture and everything. She encapsulates a woman who is holding so much in and is forced to make troubling decisions that she has to live with. When she is holding something back such as the will to not fall in love you feel for her every step of the way. When I see her on screen I imagine an up and coming actress who puts everything she has into her roles regardless of how badly written it is (not that her character in this movie is badly written). The idea of the story I have to say is interesting despite the fact that it didn't go in the direction I wanted it to go. The idea of if you could always run away from your problems because you will never grow old and die.

The Bad: Like I said this story is a missed opportunity. Unlike the Longest Ride which I knew would be unoriginal and unnecessary this film has a great premise that it could have done a lot with it. But instead they decide to go the safe route of true love can never be fully ignored regardless of any obstacles. You don't see the after effects of a woman leaving her responsibilities on her daughter. In fact you don't even get to see the backstory of how she lived over 80 years without being found, traced, or anything that could have actually made a nice thriller. You don't get to see much of the relationship between the mother and daughter all you get is some scenes with them together and never does the daughter ever express repressed feelings at her mother for leaving her. No one could be that forgiving and loving to someone who abandoned them for most of their lives. It even hints at the difficulties the two would have if they were to meet out of fear of being exposed. Harrison Ford has been given a lot of praise for his role but honestly there is nothing special here. I kind of wished they would have showed more of his relationship with her in the past. All the other characters are kind of okay but don't strengthen the picture rather they just are there. The boyfriend is just your average good-looking, smooth talking, classics loving, sensitive, muscular, poetic, every girls fantasy guy that every romance film has. You most likely will forget him as fast as you will forget this film. Not to mention there is a narrator and just off the bat I hated it because there is nothing worse in a film than someone who gives you what you need to know. This just tells me that the filmmakers couldn't explain the story fully with visuals and they needed to spoon feed the audience. This is just another pointless love story that does nothing new and will never be remembered within a month or two.

Verdict: Missed Opportunity

What we have here is a missed opportunity which doesn't mean it is awful but will most likely piss you off if you wanted something good. As opposed to other romance films it isn't the worst but for what it could have been it is a let down. This film will satisfy people who want to see another love story with two attractive leads and nothing else. You could see better love stories than this. By the way I don't hate love stories I just hate the cliched love stories that give false realities of what love, relationships, and real struggles are in life. There are plenty of love stories that I like.


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