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The Agenda

Updated on January 24, 2014


John Nash was 31 years old when a Carmelite Nun, found out that somehow John made it all the way to Grad school without ever learning to read well enough to do his work. He was not cheating, John just never missed a class and the test material was always covered in class. "How did you get this far without knowing how to read?" Sister Dominic asked John. John explained that he could remember every conversation that he ever had, so he just paid attention. She was amazed but wanted to know why He was asking for help now.

"I missed a class and the instructor told me to read 156-58 in my text book. I need the help." Sister Dominic sat down with John and Miss Nancy Holt and explained the position that he found himself in.

Every year the public schools pass children who are not able to do the work that they are asked to do. Yet they advance to the next grade. This is our story for I was one of those kids. While the story is clearly fictional, the key points have been researched to give the reader something to think about. The goal is to encourage America's youth to read without forcing them with homework. I am Anthony W. Antolic the Author of the Agenda. I did not learn to read until Grad school and much of my own life was put into the character, John Nash.

The Fictional premise goes like this:

Toward the end of World War II, Hitler knew that he was going to lose the war. In a last ditch effort to reclaim the advantage, Adolf Hitler, commissioned a Top Secret project code named Quick Sliver, that was headed up by the Nazi research decision known only as Hydra.

By using what the Nazis had learned from the American experiments with atomic energy, Hitler had successfully opened a doorway through time. However the one man who would know how to close the Porthole escaped through the same gate he had created.

Today is Aug 16, 2013, and the rip in time that the Nazis created is still opened, and Hydra is stealing weapons from the future to send back to the past. The lab has been abandoned and Progress has forgotten about the past. Yet the past always has a way of catching up to us. John Nash and some child hood friends must revisit their own past to save the future for their children. But the rip in time has become unstable and time is running out for these four children from the cold war to set right what once went wrong.


I was rather nervous coming back to the High School that I finished 3rd from the bottom of the rankings for my graduating class. It had been 20 years and now I was invited to give a talk about the importance of literacy to the children of those who made fun of me for not being able to read. The principle is about to introduce me. "I am proud to introduce an alumni of Mountain View High School, and a good friend, he has spent his life proving that the impossible is possible and I hope that you listen to what he has to say. Johnny gets up here."

The crowd laughed at the fact that I was not coming up to the stage. "You didn't tell me that I would be talking in front of people." The students laughed some more and I with them. "Good morning Mountain View, the Thunder ROCKS!" The students ate it up that I complimented their mascot. "Now that I have your attention, I should tell you that I did not learn how to read until I was thirty years old." The students all quieted down. "That's not so funny is it!"

An ominous cloud seemed to hover over head as I continued on. "My friends and I have seen a disturbing trend in our American Public Schools. According to my childhood friend, the New York Times best-selling author and child philosopher, Michael Gurian, “[American] Males are a year and a half behind females [of the same age group] in reading, writing and language learning” (Scouting, 26). Gurian goes on to explain how important literacy is to a child's emotional, social and intellectual development. The male illiteracy rate is believed to have a direct correlation to our boys dropping out of school. So what is so different that a male will struggle more with the written word, than a female?" All the girls giggled at the fact that they had a one up on the boys.

“That’s right girls live it up you deserve it." I paused to catch my breath because I never got over my fear of public speaking.

"Outside of the already established fact that females mature faster than males, they also tend to connect words with feelings and memories much better than their male counterparts. Also the social paradigm of the two sexes may have a big role in how fast a child learns to read. If a girl likes to read and has friends who also like to read, she is encouraged to read whatever book her friends are interested in."

A voice cried out, "So you are saying girls are smarter!"

"Yes I am." Everyone laughed. "But it does have to be that way. A male child will be more inclined to go to a friend’s house to play video game or play football. Therefore, any chance of wanting to read in his free time is next to none. One of the many reasons the Democratic Party vote the way they do, is due to the fact the for the last three generations in America, the bulk of America's children have been raised in broken homes. This broken home factor is where things really get interesting. I will address the Democrats on a one on one basis.

On another note, I spoke to a young man on the streets of Portland who made it clear that this is how he feels, when he says, “people that go to work are chumps, they work all day only to have Sam {Uncle Sam} take most of it away to pay me, I will never get a job!” Would you want to continue to pay someone’s way that talks like this about you?"

"Now you are saying we are lazy!" The students murmured. I could see that this was not going well. "No sire, I am saying that individual is lazy and that you don't have to live off of someone else. Which brings me to any another point. Who was it that said I was calling you guys lazy?" A small young man who was all dress in black leather stood up.

"Sir would you come on down here so you can help me out or are you afraid!" The students all started to cluck like chickens, until the young man came down to the gym floor.

"You all know what a bull is? Right." All the students say yes in a soft voice, but that was not good enough. "That was pathetic. I say again, you all know what a bully is, right. I said RIGHT!"

"RIGHT!" The students roared.

"Thank you that was so much better. Not let my just explain what just happened. "What is your name sire?"

"Kevin" The young man said sheepishly.

"Kevin" I mimicked his response and the students laughed. "You are kind of feeling put out right now aren't you Kevin? You don't feel like you have all the support up that you did up there in the bleachers, do you Kevin?" Kevin whispered can I go to my seat now you made your point. "Kevin says that I made my point and that he wants to go back to his seat. Have I made my point? Can Kevin go back to his seat?" The students said that they understood so I let Kevin go back to his seat. "Everyone thank Kevin for being such a good sport." The crowd roared.

"The problem with bullies and democracy is that it is easy to hide behind the mob. The only difference between a Democrat and a Bully is being a Democrat is popular. But what happens when the mob is wrong? When I said thunder rocks, all of you identified with the group. But when I questioned you about knowing what a bully is you all needed some encouragement, because it is not a popular subject. How many of you have bullied your parents with the threat of calling CPS for no good reason?" A still came over the gym. "No one has to answer that question. I just want you to think about that as you listen to the rest of the presentation." I looked over at Greg Wallace, who after 20 years of school administration was looking forward to his retirement this year; he just smiled and nodded to give his approval. I took a drink of water and continued on with my presentation.

"If you take into account the fact that organizations such as Child Protective Services, seem to be enforcing their witch hunts to such a point that America is seeing a pandemic of over protective parents, which means that their child is placed in a box that he or she may never be comfortable with stepping out of: you see a resulting argument can be made that says CPS is intentionally creating mental illness in our children. Why would they do this?" I paused and hoped for some kind of interaction. I guess I scared the students; they were listening but no more smart remarks.

"Alright then sense no one is willing to risk their input, I will come back to it. Further evidence of our public schools failing America's youth is found in the system's failure to adapt to stay competitive on the international stage. The rest of the world has moved beyond the concept of liner learning. It's not that we don't need to teach kids math and to read, but if you look at the successful people of the Business world, the people who are really thriving are the creative ones. So why it is that American public schools seem to want to squash the child's creativity? Could it be that the truth is they don't want our children to succeed?"

A familiar voice came out of the top of the bleachers, "That's exactly why!" This time Kevin needed no prompting to stand and be recognized.

"The public schools are nothing more than a screening tool for the American Welfare System. The more people the system traps into its grasp..." Kevin belted out.

I interrupted Kevin. "The more stable the jobs are for the Nation's second largest employer. Kind of makes it seem as if the lack of education for the common man in America is intentional." Somebody has been reading my books. All the students laughed and Kevin took a bow.

I continued on by saying, "I was given a pamphlet that was published and put out by the Justice League Group of Clark County Community College for the Fall Quarter of 2013, when I got into town for this conference. According to this handout, '8% of Clark county adults struggle with illiteracy.' However, assuming that the students who put the pamphlet together were not counting themselves, I am betting that the numbers are much higher." The entire gym was rolling with laughter. "The grammatical errors in the literature only seem to prove that the public school system has no desire to educate our children. Sorry Mr. Wallace but the evidence speaks for its self."

"It’s quite alright Johnny that is why you are here. Things need to change for the next generation." Mr. Wallace stated with a great deal of conviction.

"However I do agree, with the information presented. Literacy does affect how the individual interprets information. History has proven that the moment any government becomes corrupted the leaders of said government seeks to limit the flow of good honest information and control the rest with propaganda. We are on the brink of war in America and those who are willing to study for they can never be deceived." I had the students on the edge of their seats as I rolled out the rest of my presentation.

An argument can be made that the best way to control a large group of people is to take away their strength. Well what did Hitler do to take the strength of Germany's youth away from the resistance? He warped their minds with miss-information and propaganda. Such a feet can't be done unless the subject is not able to read information that opuses the deception. I explained to the students of Mountain View High School and told them to, "Keep that thought in mind while I continue."

"I told you to keep in mind that the threat of CPS being called on your parents for no real reason is a form of abuse. Now I am going to explain why the Public Schools are teaching kids to call CPS. A natural resistance to the evils of government was built in to the child's first support system. It would stand to reason that such a support system would be under attack if a government needed to turn the youth against the older generation. As a result Child Protective Services was created and children have the public schools teaching children how to use the authorities against Mom and Dad.

It has long been understood that the parents roll in a child's education is critical in regards to the success of the student’s willingness to learn. So instead of working with the parents to help educate the child; Public school teachers are instructed to cause CPS Witch hunts that result in uneducated and out of control slaves for our workforce that are never meant to succeed.

As a result of the CPS conspiracy, many parents are unable to read to their own child, for they too struggle with illiteracy. Is it by government design that so many of America’s Workforce is trapped in the Welfare System?" As I spoke the Supper Attendant of the Evergreen School District of Vancouver Washington was on the phone calling the police.

"As I said many times, studies have proven that family involvement in a child's studies shows up in higher test scores. Yet the schools are working against the family to raise children by the state authority? It is also interesting to note that according to a recent Harvard study, 100% of our so-called special needs kids, come from broken homes and 97% of America's convicted came out of a Fatherless household. It may also be interesting to note that out of 97 families, who were surveyed by yours truly, 18 of them had CPS involvement and all 18 families’ children had been put into special classes. Yet the remaining families had children who had average to superior marks. Now I ask you, is CPS really doing America any service?" As I spoke to the students, the squad cars were surrounding the school. So much for Freedom of Speech, I know, right?

I continued on with no knowledge of the Vancouver PD, who was not exactly come for an autograph. "You see Child Protective Services or CPS seems to be designed to destroy the family one child at a time. It is for this reason the President Tomas S. Munson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, calls CPS a secret combination that is set out to foil God's plan for our Salvation." As I finished up my talk I was warned by Mr. Wallace that I needed to be going. No matter I gave these kids plenty to think about.

As I got in my car I remember thinking, "Johnny you have come a long way." Growing up I am sure that you remember those kids who always sat in the back of the class dreading ever being called on. Most of them had family issues that were interfering with their studies. I was one of those kids. Every day I would go to a special class that had me bored to tears. The kids outside of the class made fun of use most of the time. For the most part those of us who were in the special classes were bullied on a daily basis and yet we had to be there.

For the most part the bullying is how growing up as a so-called special needs kid works out. If you are in a public school you will be advance to the next grade even in you never showed up to class and why not? The tax-payer is going to be taking care of you anyway? The unfortunate truth is that these kids are branded as a liability to the tax-payer from the day they first say, "I'm here," in one of these classes. It is the developmentally challenged classes that screen how much money the Tax-payer is going to be handing out throughout out the lives of these students.

I pulled up to my Grandfather's old house; it had been empty since Arthur passed on in 1988. I was 15 years old. He left me the house and three businesses that I still keep running, but I had not been here since he died. "I thought you would come here, it’s really the only safe place you have." I looked behind me and Mr. Wallace was standing there. "Like it or not Johnny, we are in a civil war. The problem is for the most part the enemy has no idea that they are being conned."

"I wanted to thank you for doing my assembly. It hit home with a lot of the kids." Mr. Wallace brushed off a bar stool and sat down.

"It’s the ones that I didn't reach that I am concerned about. My Grandfather was right; the best way to win a war is to fight the enemy were the enemy is not."

The old man smiled and nodded, "Son-Su."

"Arthur had me listen to the Art of War on audio tapes until I memorized it. He really did try to help me with my learning disability; he just did not understand it." Greg put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Boy from the day I met you I knew you were special, I just did not know how.

I shook my head and said to my friend:

"The more participants the more grant money these programs get. The system is broken! As I said the public schools are not operating to educate our children; they operate to classify our children as (a) liability or (b) an asset. Assets get educated and liabilities get handed off to the Welfare System to further justify the programs, so 1/3 of America doesn't become unemployed."

We sat and talked about how the Occupy protests of 2011 & 12 were made up of a problem that the government created.

"I know, that is what the Occupiers were saying all along, but hear me out. With only a hand full of exceptions, the bulk of Occupy is made up of social rejects that had been slighted by the public education system and forced to live the hand that they were dealt as a slave to the American workforce." Greg was beside himself to hear to say such a thing.

"If that was the case Johnny why were you not out there with them? You work as a temporary worker most of the time." Mr. Wallace opened up the fridge and found a case of Genius. He took one out and opened it up, only to sit back down.

"Make no mistake, I am I am by no means a supporter of the Socialist moments such as Occupy. However, the facts are clear and have been for decades. Most of the American workforce has an employee's mentality, meaning they lack the both the knowledge and desire to live what was once the American dream."

"You’re saying that most Americans have lost their independence?" Mr. Wallace got up and took me into my Grandfather's old bedroom.

"True freedom comes from education. Our government understands this fact, which could be why the public education system in America displays no desire to educate our youth. If everyone was willing and able to start and operate their own business the major employers in America would not have the workforce they do, for everyone would be working for themselves." Mr. Wallace opened up the sub-flooring to reveal a room that no one knew about.

"For years people have been saying that the government is trying to keep the little guy down, but you are the first to be able to articulate how." Mr. Wallace said as he open the secret door.

"Why doesn't everyone just create their own jobs, that way they can create their own hours? How did America get to the point where the American people have forgotten about the true nature the American Dream?" Mr. Wallace asked as we climbed down the dark stairwell.

"To answer this question I need to take you back to the year 1985." I told him.

I have also written this book as well.

Please give feed back.

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    • drantolic profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony W. Antolic 

      4 years ago from Vancouver, Washington.

      The second volume of the Agenda will be coming out in mid August. Go to to find out more.

    • drantolic profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony W. Antolic 

      4 years ago from Vancouver, Washington.

      The first volume of the Agenda is published as of 12/30/2013.


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