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"The Annual Fear" (12) © Rolly A. Chabot

Updated on October 1, 2012


Hello to all who have found their way here. We are having a somewhat nice day here today. The winds are high and the barometer is changing. Better batten down all the hatches today. Should we get the first heavy frost well that will be the end of the flowers. The best thing to do is too make another pot of coffee and settle into the keyboard.

I have several projects in mind this winter. A series I have been working on for a few years. It is time to either bring it all together or stash it away again. My problem like many of you is there is always something new comes to mind and the old gets left behind and before long it is almost a complete rewrite again.

Lets all leave everything behind for a few minutes and see what is happening in Cedar Rapids this morning. Above all else know that you are loved....


Chapter Twelve: "The Price You Pay”

Dan sat on his chair in front of the Sheriff’s office. He would be talking to Wes later about the new position. For now it was nearing show time and he wanted to sit back and watch, better than any movie he had ever seen. He had no plan in playing any part unless he was called to do so. This would be good.

Wanda drove up in her BMW slowly stepped out giving Dan a full view again of her shapely legs. Taking her time to bend over to get something from inside the car gave him even a better look as her shorter than normal skirt lifted high up on her legs. Even Dan had to admit she was a looker, she had all the right assets to get your attention.

She waved and started to the office, turned and walked across the street. She stopped directly in front of Dan, slipped her sunglasses up onto her head. She tossed her hair, looked up the street and said “Going to be a hot one today, maybe we should have a nude day in town. We should let people live free rather than be restricted with clothes. What say we start today Dan.”

“Right that would look really good, judging by the way you dress and expose yourself I would say you already have a head start." He looked up at the sun and said, "Yes, this will be a good day for about anything. Just taking some time for a coffee. It will be a busy day. Wanda you all have yourself a special day now you hear.”

Wanda smiled, looked him over and said, "Why thank you Sheriff Sidon. I say that is one of the nicest things you have ever said to me. So you are not dead after all, you do notice. I will just wait for you in that case. The pleasure will be all mine.”

“Hard not to notice Wanda as you can display yourself better than any other woman I know in this town.”

“Well Dan the way I look at it. There is no competition here, no doubt you have noticed. The way I see things, if God has given it to you, it is proper to use it and even share it with others.”

“That is why we have laws in the State and in this town to protect people. Be one heck of a thing if everyone dressed that way.”

“Well," Wanda said. "You live as you want I will do the same, small hick towns like this live a far too much on morals and standards to suit my liking.” With that she turned on her heel, started towards the office, turned a few feet away and patted her backside. “There caught you again Dan, peek all you want, need to see more just call.”

She turned, flipped a leg up and said “Lots of power in using it right Dan, lots of power.”

The show would start shortly and she would see where her power came from. All from within and soon her power and position would be over.

Dan looked up the street and sure enough they were on their way, the entire council on foot heading to her office. They waved from the other side of the street and walked in to the town office. Dan wished he could be a fly on the wall watching what was taking place inside.

About thirty minutes later Tom Reardon came driving up the street, slamming on his brakes. He left his vehicle double parked on the street. Dan called Chester at the towing service and ordered the vehicle be impounded, as it was a hazard parked the way it was left. This would add even more to the battle, which was taking place inside.

The phone rang and Dan reached into his shirt pocket, Mayor’s Office scrolled across the screen. “Sheriff’s Office, Dan here.”

“Dan, Judge here, I think you better get over to the Mayors office, we have trouble brewing here.”

Dan hung up, stood, pulled his hat over his eyes, stretched and within a few minutes opened the door into a world of hate and anger held within the dark office.

After a minute or two his eyes adjusted and the verbal volley came from no other than Wanda who was not in control anymore. She was standing at her desk, spitting angry words out at the council. Dan was sure some of them had never heard a few of those words in their lives. Especially Ruby Fletcher, a true English lady. Her ears were turning red at the vial that was coming from Wanda. Tom Reardon had stepped in behind Wanda’s desk as though to protect her.

“Here Tom is a ticket for stunting on our streets, the display of squealing brakes a few minutes ago will cost you a cool $152.00 payable at this office within 24 hours. Fail to pay and you will be arrested. Another thing your truck was left unattended on the street in violation of the traffic safety act. Your truck is being towed as we speak and the impound charges will need to be paid before it can be released. Do you have any questions?

The judge said to Dan, “Let’s give Wanda a hand to leave the office as she is no longer the Mayor here and as far as we are concerned she is trespassing.”

Dan stepped forward and said “You have two choices Wanda, too leave on your own accord or I will need to arrest you for trespassing. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I will leave that completely up to you.”

I have all my files, my computer and information I need to take with me. They are my personal property."

"Afraid not they are contained within this office and they are the property of the Mayor's office. You can file an injunction to have them later, For now you are to leave the office by the request of the Town Council. Might as well just leave Wanda. Make this easier for yourself and all concerned." He took another step in her direction.

Tom stepped forward to block his path; Dan stopped and said to him as he leaned forward “Only if you think you can handle the aftermath of getting in my way. I would highly suggest you step aside. Just remember you are a guest in this town.”

Tom stepped back and Dan kept his eye on him as he stood in front of Wanda. Her green eyes turned to fire, as she looked him in the eye. "Make me, she said."

Dan reached for her shoulder and within a few minutes she was like a cat with its tail on fire. Little could stop her as she showed the real side of herself to all present. The scuffle, which followed, was soon over with the now very disheveled Wanda in hand cuffs. She stood with a mortified look on her face. Her Monday morning had certainly changed from a few minutes before.

Ruby Fletcher had run from the office and was praying outside with all the commotion; yes it had been a scene indeed. Tom Reardon had started to step in once to defend and laid a hand on Dan. One short left handed jab had landed him on the floor. Dan removed one of Wanda’s cuffs and placed it on Tom.

There they sat two of the latest prisoners in the small community. Yes he had done his job well that day. A round of applause broke out from the large crowd who had started to gather outside. Horst Temple the Editor of the Ridge Runner stepped up just as Dan was escorting the two out of the office. Horst took several photos of the arrest. This would be big news in this small community. Paper sales would be up this week.

Horst called out, “I need to get the story from you today so I can run this over the weekend. Great job Dan, always love to watch you in action, good to see you cleaning up the riff raff out of our town.”

Wanda spun on her one heel and spit at Horst. "You pompous little weasel. How dare you call me riff raff, just as she went to spit at him Horst snapped another picture. This time catching Tom as well with a bloddy nose."

He looked at the camera, "Yup that will be the best for the front page.

Dan marched the pair across the street under the watchful eye of the crowd. When he got inside he placed them in separate cells. Wanda swore openly at him, “Wait till I make the calls I need to make you small town pig, you will be sorry you ever laid a hand on me.”

Dan looked at her “Bring on your help honey and they will end in the same place you did. Do you actually think that threat bothers me Wanda. Go ahead and make the calls you feel you need to make. Just be aware the law in these parts operates a little different than the law where you come from.”

“I, we have a right to a phone call. I would like to make it now.”

“Phones are out for the next three days I heard this morning” as he smiled and picked up the phone and called his friend Ronny. He was sure Ronny would be able to help sort through this and maybe even have some pending charges.

Then came the soft voice on the other end “Las Vegas Police Department, how may I direct your call.”

“Lets see I would like it directed to the third big rock at the fourth bend in the Middy River. I hear that is one of the best places to catch some of those fish we like to hide from the regular public. That is an inside secret for you.”

“Dan the Man, I was just thinking of you a few minutes ago and the fact you have offered to guide me on the river. Well maybe I should correct that statement and say that I took advantage of you. I sorta of instigated you with an offer to guide me.”

“Good to hear your voice Jennifer. I think we can both take credit for any of the instigation. Is there a chance Ronny nay be in, I need to chat with him.”

“Sorry Dan, He is out checking out some big time robbery we had last night at one of the Casino’s. Was a horrible thing, this time there were several people shot. What on earth is our world coming to. Even innocent bystanders,so sad when greed takes over. I will have him call as soon as he gets in though.”

All of a sudden another screeching sound came from Wanda and the abuse was loud enough for Jennifer to hear. “Oh my sounds as though you have one unhappy lady or noisy cat on your hands.”

“Might say a little of both, that is our past Mayor who is very unhappy with her accommodations at the present time. I must say though she does look good behind bars."

“Oh my is that what you have called Ronny about, he did tell me that he had some more information he wanted to share with you. I will have him call as soon as he gets back.” “Better go and deal with your cat, as she laughed. Talk to you soon Dan, hugs included” as she hung up.

Her words struck Dan right to his core, as those words were the very words Beth would use when he would call her during the day just to say hello. "Hugs to you Dan, know that I love you dearly. How he wished he could hear those words again fro her.

Just then his thoughts were again broken with string of well-pronounced curse words, finished with “Where do you expect me to pee.”

“Right there in the commode provided for all prisoners, he pointed to the commode under the bed. Best we have in small town America compared to the big city jails you are accustomed too.”

“What right here out in the open,” she spit at him as her eyes again flared reddish green.

“Tom turn away, well there is likely no need as you have seen all there is to see anyway. Be a gentleman and turn around will you and give the lady some privacy. That is the least we can do is give her that." He laughed as he turned his back and again came a volley directed at him.

He placed another call and asked Wes Phillips if he could slip down as they had some business they needed to take care of. Again came a volley of cursing and screaming. It would likely be a constant with her as log as he held her.

"I will be there shortly, sounds to me like you have something happening. Someone called the wife and said that you had Wanda and that slug Tom in custody. I will be right over." Within a few minutes Wes arrived. “Wes lets slip into the back office for a minute.” He picked up the Bible off his desk and Wes followed.

Once inside he closed the door and turned towards Wes. “Do you Wes Phillips promise to uphold the laws of this county and the town of Cedar Ridge.”

“Ah! Yes I do, what is this all about Dan,” he asked.

"Wes by the power and authority vested in me by the State and the town of Cedar Ridge as the interim Mayor I here by appoint you as deputy Sheriff.”

“What, you mean to say you are taking a chance on me to look after the town beside you. That is quite the honour Dan.”

“Certainly I am my friend and I will hold you accountable for all your actions, Could not have found a better man for the job. You are now the official Deputy Sheriff. Do you have any questions? He looked at Wes as he stood with his mouth open. “Come along I have the first task for you, watch these two and do not let them out of your site. Oh yes when this one decides she needs to pee at least turn your head the other way. I know you have a gun and cuffs already but here till you can get that old gun cleaned out and working like it should I want you to have this 9mm semi automatic to be able to carry out your work.”

Wes just stood there with a dumfounded look on his face. “Sure ok but” as he stumbled for words.

Dan reached in the drawer and said, “Here is another thing and flipped him a badge. We will get you some new uniforms as well. There you are Deputy Phillips, any questions?

“I have more Mayoralty things I need to attend too, I will be across the street if you need me, call my cell as he jotted the number down on the notepad. By the way the phones are out for a few days so these two will not be able to make calls from here.” He winked at Wes as he turned his back to the audience.

“Mayor what do you mean Mayor” came the cry from the cell, a shocked look of horror on Wanda’s face.

He stood for a minute and looked at this sad looking person who only a few minutes ago could have passed for someone of importance. Now she looked a mess her hair all mussed, her clothes in array, one high heel missing and makeup all streaked.

“Mr. Mayor to you Wanda, you heard it right, it has all been signed, sealed and delivered. Oh and by the way your car has been impounded as well as we found it illegally parked in a spot, which was reserved for the Mayor.

“Wes can you call Chester and have that thing removed right away. As well call Wally at the town yards and tell him I want that Mayor’s sign removed and all that ugly pink paint covered with black tar by the end of the day. Any thing else you have to say Wanda or are you finished?

“We will see about that Dan, wait till the team hears about this, all the developers will be all over you, this town and all whom run it. They have a stake here.”

“Shut up Wanda, you have said enough here to Mr. Lawman/Mayor.” Wes now spoke with authority.

Tom finally spoke. "Wanda you have said enough. Better sit quiet till we get representation by our lawyers. I told you this hick town would be nothing but trouble. Just sit back and wait. We will have plenty to say when the time is right."

“Like I said Wes, keep and eye on them, bad news is about to leave town.”

Just then Pete walked in and served Wanda notice to vacate the premises within 48 hours, she had broken their agreement. His words were simple and plain. “Wanda Webber, you have not mowed the grass for a week and it is unsightly, this is the second time I have mentioned it and you are hereby officially evicted.”

With that Wanda hung her head and said “Like to see you make that stick.”

“Already a done deal, our new Mayor here is already placed the order that you are in violation of the town code and have been before. As your landlord I have no option but to adhere to the bylaws and our lease agreement. If you have not vacated the premises, it will be vacated for you and all your possessions will be shipped COD to your last known address. If I stand corrected I do believe that is to Tom Reardon’s condo complex. Mr. Reardon will be prepared to pay the incurred cost. Tom you can be expecting a huge shipping bill."

Dan stepped in and said, "Wanda will be here for the allotted 48 hours as all County offices are closed over the weekend as Monday is a holiday as well. A shame sometimes the conflict these Government holidays have on people’s lives."

Dan stepped from the jail house and nodded to Wes who followed. "Wes just so you are aware. We can be expecting some trouble here over this one. The FBI told me I was to back off from dealing with this one but sometimes we need to look after things in our own way. Keep a close eye on them." He looked up and down the street, people were already dispersing and going back to their daily lives. "I think we had better be thinking about hiring a few extra guards to spell us off. I think our little jail will be a busy place this next while."

He sent off a fax to the FBI. "Sorry to mess up your investigation, your Wanda Webber and Tom Reardon are now guests in our jail. Just wanted to let you know. Had to be done. If you have any questions call my cell." He closed the fax off with his number.

"When all this cools a bit I have a few trusted friends we can talk about." Wes smiled. "Good to see you riding high in the saddle again Dan. It is time is about all I can say. Thanks for looking after the interests of the town."

"Good I will be across the street Wes, I need to spend sometime over there going through the computers and paperwork and see what I can find. Just make sure they have their meals and lets make them as comfortable as possible. Thanks for taking a chance on me Dan. I will not let you down."

"I know Wes that is why I hired you. Welcome aboard my friend. Life can change quickly even in the small towns. See you later." Dan stepped off the sidewalk, tilted his head and pulled his hat over his eyes. He laughed wondering if they had a Mayor's hat he would need to wear once he stepped through the doors ahead.

Before he made across the street his phone rang. The call display read The Federal Bureau of Investigation. He pocketed the phone. They could wait, he had things to take care of. "Darned Feds," He mumbled as he pushed open the door to the Town Office.

© By: Rolly A. Chabot.... All Rights Reserved

All the content that is published on this site or in any electronic or paper book form under my profile Rolly A. Chabot or name are my property and are protected by all applicable Copyright Laws. No part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission from me.


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    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Jackie... What can I say other than trade you the snow was a little further South and West of here but it has been threatening. Heading down into Montana next Wednesday for a few days hopefully the roads hold.

      Things are going well, been busy this past week just far too much happening to get on here much.

      Stay warm girl, cuddle in close and have some rest...

      Hugs from Canada

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Guess justice is finally finding Wanda, wouldn't wanna be in her shoes. How are things going? Heard on the news you guys got an early snow dump a day or two ago? And guess what, it is headed our way, well the cold anyway. 83 now and tomorrow the high will be in the 50s!

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Christy... lol and sorry but it happens... had to go and make some more coffee... Thanks for following...

      Many Hugs from Alberta

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      You leave us in the lurch at the end you meanie! :) Just kidding - another great chapter and I have to see where Dan heads next

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Gypsy... just te place for her... things are starting to happen... Good to have you say hello...

      Hugs from Canada

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Fantastic! Love it Wanda in jail. Serves her right. Can't wait for the next. Passing this on. Hugs to you and Quigley.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Thanks for following along RC... looks like we are the only two people here... thanks for the comment...

      Rolly in Canada

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      The stone is rolling. Going to be interesting to see the speed it starts traveling with the developers, mob & FBI getting involved. Still here and enjoying, my friend! Keep 'em coming!