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The Anticipation of Waiting for New Moon

Updated on November 18, 2009

New Moon is set to release in 8 days of writing this post. Its debut is highly anticipated by all, and by me especially. I have been waiting for this movie eagerly since I saw the first one. II have not read the Twilight books, as I am still waiting on the first book in audio format to free up at the library, but the first movie was made beautifully. It is full of adventure, romance, and twists and turns, and I anticipate the second installment of this series will be the same. Not only are the commercials incredibly graphic, exciting, and show just enough to keep you intrigued, they make it look like it is going to be just as good as the first movie. Who really knows, hopefully they won't go and mess it all up.

One of my first thoughts on this movie is "OMG, I get to see Jacob with his shirt off". Jacob is hot, and I personally think Bella is selling herself short not giving him a chance. I get Edward is hot too, and he will live forever, and if Bella was to become a Vampire as well they could live blissfully together FOREVER, but who doesn't want a man that can turn into a beast in 2.5 seconds flat! Thats my kind of man right there!

Anyway, my anticipation for this movie has grown ten fold in the last month. To know that its getting closer, and now only a little over a week away makes me want to scream. I want it NOW!! lol.... Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what I am in for, since I haven't read any of the books yet, but from what I have read, Edward is leaving Bella to ensure that she stays safe, and they yearn for each other throughout. Crazy Vampire Chick from the first movie comes back and tries to kill Bella for her involvement in the killing of her BF in the first movie/book. And I hear she can kick some ass too!

Bella and Jacob move closer together, but Bella chooses Edward in the end, leaving Jacob alone. Too bad, I will take her sloppy seconds if she doesn't want him! haha... Anyway, I hear that the Vampire's and the Werewolves join forces to take Crazy Vampire Chick out, and Bella and Edward leave to be together.

Now thats a pretty condensed version of what I have learned, but what I am really waiting for is the fight scenes. When the teeth come out and the Vamps and Werewolves come to play. That will be the highlight of the movie for me, at least I think it will be, who knows.... something could change.

Anyway - please get here faster November 20th, I need to get my Jacob fix in ASAP!


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