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The Apple Of His Eye

Updated on February 19, 2012

The Apple Of HIs Eye

She is lovely and charming,

This sweet innocent lass.

She’s sharp as a tack,

The head of her class.


Her grade point average is 4.0,

In church and current events.

The same is said of school,

And all of her other intents.

. .

Her heart is so very tender.

Her compassion is for one and all.

When it comes to moral principle,

No bumper sticker is too big or small.


She wants to save the Dali Lama,

And the monks there in Tibet.

She’s busy rewriting history,

Because it’s just too easy to forget.


She is the ideal role model,

The apple of our eyes.

She appears to be more American,

Than American Apple Pies.


But when she killed,

The crazy old Vietnam Vet,

She denied her father,

His last cigarette.


~Micky Dee~




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