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The Art Of Authentic Writing

Updated on August 11, 2016

100 Amazing Unspoken Truths

What is the line of demarcation between childhood and adulthood?

Childhood and Adulthood are two ideal states of being. No one is a perfect child or an adult by definition. A growing child learns fast and starts gaining physical features of adulthood like beard, growth of genitals and huskiness in voice in males and growth of genitals and menstruation in females.

Behavioral features like sense of awareness, responsibility, control and an attitude of social adaptability begin to be displayed. A new-born child on the other hand is like an out-lier far away from the normal distribution bell curve. She doesn’t know language and physical movement and doesn’t have a sense of protection or danger to begin with.

A child understands love and warmth very well though, as it is a highly prominent need of the child. Learning is in fact the only legible criterion to define the growth of an individual. Both the rate as well as the quality of learning matter to this effect. A child is our spontaneous, curious and flamboyant self while an adult is our calm, focused and composed self. A child develops understanding, gets exposure, takes risks and chances in life to build the life of her dreams and lives it simultaneously as an adult.

Society is plagued with more pre-conceived than logical notions around adulthood, including but not limited to sexual potency, physical strength, aggression, social conformance, wealth, power and the ability to control and manipulate others. All of the above are wrong notions of adulthood. A sensible adult would never prove a point to others but only to self. It’s standing by one’s own beliefs, values and ideals, no matter what the situation is what defines a man or a woman of substance.

Learning bits are the building blocks of our beliefs, values and ideals and therefore our very existence/sense of being. An adult is therefore characterized by the rate and quality of his/her learning endeavors and the ability to build new relationships and formal partnerships.

Remember, adulthood or growth is independent of success or failure in the endeavors of life. In fact, a failed adult is stronger and the more courageous one and would be of real value during crisis times. Complacency, arrogance, politics and egoism drift an adult in to becoming a spoiled character. It happens when we stop learning and indulge and revel in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Learning teaches us to know better, do better, become better, love better and become a more balanced individual. Responsible, grown-up individuals are determined to achieve their immediate goals. Goals are what define life for them at that very moment. They prioritize the long term goals in a logically studied out manner.

A healthy adult would also discretionally support others in need of genuine help and forge long term and healthy relationships and partnerships. S/he would innovate to add value to society. Being an adult doesn’t mean the child inside is dead. It means that the child coexists with the adult and both proliferate through learning and enjoyment respectively.

Parenthood is another sense of being which involves inputs from both the child as well as the adult within. A healthy adult nurtures and teaches the child inside. Meanwhile the adult lives and enjoys life by doing what keeps him/her happy. A healthy adult has a greater personal space than a child.

Neither of the two is good or bad. Our child side is more emotion-based while an adult would operate on logic, common sense and a sense of agreement and disagreement in the form of an individual opinion over an issue of importance. To conclude, childhood and adulthood cannot be separated or differentiated. They coexist best in equilibrium. More than performance in bed, adulthood is performance in life.


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