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The Assassin & The Madman - Short Story

Updated on August 23, 2015

Part 1

"So any last words lady?" The terrorist questioned sarcastically as he pointed a gun at a tied down woman in front of him.

The woman stared at the terrorist and rolled her eyes. She had a mysterious touch, and her bold expressions just added beauty to her character.

"I guess you are not much of a talker" the terrorist spoke as he smiled and just when he was about to pull the trigger, the woman twisted her arm and got free from the ropes. The terrorist was shocked and tried to hold her, but the woman moved fast and with a quick swift lunge, she took his gun and kicked him. As he fell on the ground, she shot him multiple times without any hesitation.

As the terrorist lay dead on the floor, the woman grinned and said, "I guess you are not much of a talker". She then headed out of the abandoned factory and received her phone as it rang.

"Hello, " she spoke with a firm voice.

"Agent sky, are you all right?" A husky voice spoke in a tone of urgency.

"Yes, sir, I am fine. The threat has been eliminated"

"As always, Good work agent Sky"

"Thank you"

"By the way, where are you right now?"


"I need you to come and meet me at the base right now"

"All right, I am on my way" the sexy brunette then cut the phone, wore her black sunglasses, sat on her black Harley Davidson and drove away.

After a long drive, Sky reached the base, which was a tall building with black windows.

"Hey sky!" A man greeted as she entered the elevator.

"Hi Richard"

"So what’s your record so far?"

"Well, I killed one today, so that makes it 49"

"Wow! I guess I need to catch up fast" the man spoke with a smile and Sky smiled back. She then got off from the elevator and headed towards the top floor office.

"Sir?" Sky walked up to a man who sat behind a huge desk.

"Sky, just the woman I was waiting for"

"You have a new task for me?"

"Well yes, but this time it is not one of our usual targets like terrorist or people who want to hurt our country and its people"

"Is there a third category?"

"Yes such as, a madman trying to destroy our city with a nuclear bomb"

"What!" Sky exclaimed.

"Yes. It just got in that a man is trying to get hold of some serious nuclear bombs. Now, this man has a bad history as well. He started off by being a con artist and then he started killing off people. When the local police started to track him down, he completely disappeared and went off the radar. There was no news about him until a few days back when we got to know through some of our sources that this man is back on the ground and is trying to get his hands on some nuclear bombs"

"So I am supposed to stop him?"

"Yes, but I am afraid it won't me that easy, despite your excellent skills agent Sky. You see, this man is not just a murderer, he tricks people and is believed to be very smart"

"So you think I am not smart enough?"

"You are, but I think he has different morals when it comes to hurting the innocent people around him. That being said, he will take advantage of your moral standards. After all, he is completely lunatic”

"Don’t worry sir, I will handle it"

Due to years of practice and experience as an excellent assassin, Sky had good sources, which is why it did not take long for her to locate the madman. According to her sources, the madman lived in a small apartment located in the middle of a crowded market. Without further ado, Sky decided to pay the man a visit and stop him.

She was well aware that she had to be careful because in order to escape from her, the madman would threaten to kill or cause harm to the people in the market. Hence, she decided to get in the apartment quietly and pay a silent visit to him. She knew that if she surprises him, she would ultimately have the advantage over the madman and would be able to stop him without giving him the chance of hurting anyone else. Sky tiptoed in the building and stopped outside the apartment door. She then quickly picked the lock, slowly opened it and silently walked inside. As she looked around the apartment, she saw a man working on a nuclear weapon. She took out her gun and pointed at him.

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Part 2

“It's rude to point a gun on a man’s back, you know” the madman spoke sarcastically.

“Turn around with your hands in the air Lance”

“Oh, so you managed to find out my real name. I have to accept, that's very thoughtful of you because otherwise most people simply call me a madman”

“Do as I say, before I blow your brains out” Sky spoke firmly without entertaining the madman’s silly jokes.

“Ok ok! Jeez” The man turned around and Sky saw multiple scars on his face. Sky walked towards the man, but before she could reach him, something started to beep and a massive explosion knocked Sky out of the apartment. As she gained consciousness, she realized that the madman was gone. For months, Sky tried to track him, but he managed to cover his tracks more carefully this time. One day, Sky was trying to look for him when the madman called her and challenged her to stop him if she can. Sky went over to meet him immediately.

“Welcome Agent Sky” the madman smiled as he saw Sky approaching him.

“So what’s your game here Lance?”

“It's simple, I have people who have planted nuclear bombs around different cities of the world. I have the detonator in my hand here, and if you want to save all those innocent people, then you have to kill me first”

“Why? Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because I like woman who put up a fight. I didn't give you a fair chance last time and well, I would like you to give you a last chance”

Sky felt disgusted by the man and without further ado, she ran to punch him. The man and Sky fought for a long time, in fact they fought until both of them were bleeding and had no energy left.

“It seems like we are a perfect match,” the madman joked as Sky stood in front of him. Sky was badly injured, but she knew she had to win the fight no matter what so with the last shred of her energy, she ran towards him once again, but the madman managed to trick her and she mistakenly stepped on a bomb. The explosion threw Sky away and she fell on the ground.

“I guess you are not as strong as everyone said you were” the madman smiled and pointed a gun at Sky but before he could shoot her, she surprised him by standing up and pushed a rode through his stomach. The madman died immediately and Sky quickly turned off the detonator. She was injured but she took a breath a relief as she succeeded in saving the world.

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    • Ameraka profile image

      Evelyn 2 years ago from Wisconsin

      I liked the action in this story. I like Sky as a protagonist. Incidentally, the protagonist in one of my stories is called Sky, but a very different character.

      There are a few grammar and punctuation errors--I'm into catching things like that. :)

    • SpannerMontanna profile image

      Neil Spencer 2 years ago from uk

      What can I say...Shes lucky

    • Ragini Vashya profile image

      Ragini Vashya 2 years ago

      I enjoyed this action packed story very much. But I felt it a little too unrealistic for Sky to survive two explosions:)