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The Average Doctor

Updated on August 22, 2011

The Doctor

What can I say; my life hasn’t exactly gone right. Well not for as long as I can remember anyway, which probably says more about me than it does my life, negativity breading negativity or you get what you give, whatever your philosophy is.

It all started when I was zero. I was a normal birth, nothing special born in an unspecial year and was given the name Robert, so right of the bat no one really should have expect much to amount of my life. I learned to speak, walk, talk, wait think I said that last one twice, anyway all occurred at the normal age.

When I was eight my mother died. It was an average death, nothing special just her time I suppose. I was sad, understood death really well for someone my age or so I was told, I think that really reflects how poorly others at my age understood death rather than my intellectual capacities at the age of eight.

As life continued I wore plain clothes, had a plain hair cut, but something changed at 13, no not puberty your perves and no I didn’t discover girls, I already knew they existed by age 5, had many of them as friends. Yes I understand the proper meaning of that term, I’m not an idiot, just a stupid term for learning that one day you will do what your mother and father did before you to produce another human being. No what changed is someone at my average garden variety school fell and broke their leg. With no teach present I was able to set the leg with a first aid kit and stabilize my fellow student to the amazement of the MTs I had not completely fucked up his leg beyond recognition but had in fact done a good job.

My teenage years for normal after that, normal angst, normal rebellion, normal mother issues stemming from losing my mother at an early age. You know completely average and by and large uneventful, well until I was 17 and some odd months and America and Russia decided or rather the people in charge of each nation decided that they couldn’t stand the existence of each other. I’m sure the masses were not content with the war that would pass.

America being the average despot nation it had become over the years reinstituted the draft and at the age of 18 I was told I wasn’t going to college but into the army just like so many others so completely average turn of events. They asked me what kind of training I wanted, shooting didn’t seem very proactive so I opted for field surgeon training, I was good at it at 13 and I figured I might still be good at it then, owe yeah I had been reading medical books for like years.

After training which I exceeded at meaning I had one natural talent making me normal, I was assigned to some random number field hospital where I began putting people back together. It wasn’t complicated, their legs were broken you put it back together, if their fingers were blown off sew them back on, toes make excellent replacements, it was a field hospital it wasn’t like they were going to give us cyber limbs or bio replacements, nope you got a toe for a finger, you intestines put back right or as close to right as possible and then were sent back to fighting to return to the table to be put back together again to return to fighting again to return back to the table again or die at that point. Actually many didn’t even make it back for round two of table. Before you ask yes it was a normal average they are the enemy war.

Well as the months dragged on I turned 20 and while other doctors just lost it mentally, sometimes in other ways, I kept on putting things as close to right again. Then one average fateful day the Russians took the camp. They told me to stop operating at gun point, I told them it was one of their own, they stfu at that point and I put him back together and moved on to the next person and the next person and then the next and at that point they realized that I had had a perfectly normal mental breakdown, well they called it that, I called it commitment to my job, they had the guns, money, and power so guess whose definition stuck.

So I got sent into the POW system and they soon called me special showing that they had about as much brains as a sniper victim, ha morbid war humor and sent me off to some normal special facility where they would put me right so I could patch up their people which I told them I would do anyway without the need of prompting, but they said I needed therapy and tests ran so they could make more of me. It was there I met your averaged psychic powerhouse chick and then things would diverge from their averageness and get mildly interesting, but hey that is how the average life goes so who would have guessed right?!


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