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Must "everything align perfectly" or are we just not giving God the glory?

Updated on January 14, 2016

I recently read a story featured on “Today”. This story began 20 years ago. It is a story of the Ayala family who found out that their 16-year old daughter had leukemia. She was sixteen years old with her life was ahead of her. However, she was given very little time to live. The only possible solution was a bone marrow transplant, but like most of these delicate procedures, there needs to be a “perfect match”. The parents, Abe and Mary Ayala reached out to family and friends for a potential donor and when that did not turn out any possibilities, reached out to neighbors, the media, etc. Reportedly, there seem to be no hope. With no other solution, the Ayalas came to a decision that would become an ethical controversy among the medical establishment.

The Ayalas decided that the only thing that would save their daughter, Anissa, would be for Mary Ayala to conceive and hope that she would bare a child that would be a match to save her daughter. The Today Show reported that this decision prompted a great deal of discussion and debate. Many in the medical field were outraged and against such a move. The predominant objection was that this family was actually considering conceiving a child for the sole purpose of saving another. Many felt that it was unethical and immoral. Some surfaced to object on behalf of the unborn child stating that this child was being used for a medical procedure without its consent.

This decision was not an easy one for the Ayalas to make. Mrs. Ayala was in her early 40s and Mr. Ayala had previously has a vasectomy which would have to be reversed. In any case, the Ayalas decided this was the answer and Mary became pregnant. Of course, the story followed her pregnancy and as it turned out, she gave birth to a little girl, Marissa, who was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant.

The recent story brought us to the present and reported that not only is Anissa Ayala cancer-free from the successful transplant but Marissa was happy that she was able to save her sister. She, Marissa, stated that she would not be here today had it not been for her older sister’s need and Anissa would not be here had it not been for her birth into this family. She added that she was happy to have been born into this wonderful family.

Many of the medical professionals interviewed spoke of the former controversy but admitted that they were pleased that all turned out as it did. Several stated that this was nothing “short of a miracle”. One doctor stated that for this positive outcome to have occurred, “everything had to align perfectly”.

Many of us use the word “miracle” lightly, coupling it with perfect conditions, the stars aligning and a stupendous event of chance and coincidence.

Scriptures speak of the end times and Jesus’ return and of miracles occurring and many of us WAIT for those said miracles. I suggest that the miracles we seem to be waiting for are happening around us every day and we chalk it up to good luck and happenstance.

I would argue that it is all about God’s plan and His “craftsmanship” if you will. The fact that Marissa stated she was blessed to have been born into this family does not elude me. Even the unborn, I believe, have a role and are assigned to each family for a reason.

There was another story in the news this last week that also caught my attention. A woman by the name of Su Meck in Maryland suffered a “freak accident” in her home. She was doing some routine cleaning and brought her child into the room to watch over while doing so. A ceiling fan dislodged and fell, hitting her on the head and rendering her unconscious. The blow was so forceful that she was in a coma for a week. When she came out of it she did not recognize anyone, nor did she know who she was. The medical professionals diagnosed her as suffering from Advanced Retrogram Amnesia. Her loving husband took her home and cared for her although she had no idea who he was, who her child was or what her life was before the “accident”.

This was a feel good story as the news reported that Ms. Meck has just graduated from Montgomery College (with honors) and will be pursuing further education at Smith College. Again, this feel good story spoke of the “miracle” that was Ms. Meck’s story. She was given another chance to get to know her family, fall in love with her husband again and work toward new aspirations. Ms. Meck reports that she now has a new “sense of self”.

A miracle? Good luck? A fluke? Dear readers, I would offer that perhaps there is another reason behind these touching stories. The miracles that we attribute to science or luck. I believe that God is the author of our lives. He has already written the final draft and has assigned us all roles. We all have a purpose in this world and accidents, tragedies and sudden catastrophes may occur but if our last line or action has not come to fruition, He will make sure that MIRACLE occurs. Live life as if that amazing finale has not yet occurred and that your role has not been complete until He makes the last curtain call.

God bless.

By Evelyn Rivera Beaudreault (C) Copyright June 2011  


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    • EveyRiv profile image

      EveyRiv 6 years ago from Foxboro, Mass.

      Jalil, thank you for your comments and compliment. I have found that the world needs to account for everything in a scientific way. As Christians, many believe that God is able to "perform" miracles and sadly wait upon a phenomenal display, which cannot be questioned or scrutinized. I suggest that these "miracles" occur everyday. God's presence and work is all around us and with faith and a close relationship with Him, you will be able to appreciate it in all its spender and wonder.

    • profile image

      Jalil 6 years ago

      Amazing and true i would say. What i would like to know is how do you know this? So far this seems like a fact to me based on my observations in our reality. Believe it or not, i have been dwelling on this subject for some time now and i just figured i would run a search on google to see if anyone has written anything on this subject and i came cross this great article.

      Another thing that puzzles me is that by careful study one can predict any ones life mathematically with 90% accuracy if not by 100%, just by following this simple idea which in this article is called "everything align perfectly".