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The Bad Influence of "Strange Brew" by Merwin

Updated on May 12, 2010

The Opposite of Slip of the Tongue

You know... one of the things we (as Christians) may try to accomplish with one of the fruits of the Spirit self control (KJV temperance), is stopping the potty mouth.

That is quite an ongoing testimony for one like myself who... back in the day, before Jesus, used to drop the "F" bomb multiple times in one sentence just to get any point across. And this particular self control issue remains a lifelong difficulty for the temptations and practice and "slips", are abounding all around even when you, yourself may have it whipped.

I bring this up to showcase that the "attempt" to curb my flesh's desire for the expletive, is actually what got me in trouble a couple of years back.

Just to be "amusing" I would, from time to time quote a line from the movie "Strange Brew", the use of, "no way hoser" could get a laugh because it fit perfectly or, because it was so random it didn't fit anywhere in the dialogue. So over the years I got into the habit of saying "no way hoser".

I brought this habit with me when I started a job at a call center, and it was not long after beginning that job that I found out what, "hoser" meant. Obviously to the world the word hoser is amusing in and of itself, but remember... I am exercising temperance. With that in mind, I determined to stop myself of the "hoser" habit.

It was actually that resolve that maneuvered me in the direction of trouble.

In a call center they take those agents that are management wannabes, or just really seasoned reps (that want to get off the phones) and make them "resources". The idea being, whenever an agent who is on the phone needs assistance, they raise their hand and the resource comes a running, allowing supervisors time to shmooze.

Well I can't remember this kid's name... cute kid, but "worldly", who came to my assistance in a time of need. Now she and I would normally flip stuff back and forth after the "business" was taken care of... much like a grand-daughter, g-father might do. And several times in the past I had used the phrase in question with no adverse reaction, and none expected, the phrase is after all fairly benign.

Well, having made my former resolution to stop using the phrase... when she had finished answering my questions she smarted off to me as she normally would and I, mindlessly started then stopped my reply like this... "no way ho..."

She started to walk off... then turned around, and by this time I am beet red, and she asked, "What did you just call me?" as she was turning red.

Now everybody who knew me in the call center knew my character and my faith, so I am certain that she was more stunned than I was. It took me about 45 seconds of fast explanations to get me in the clear, but I never got off the hook. The kidding me about this, went on for as long as she worked there.


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    • dusy7969 profile image

      dusy7969 7 years ago from San Diego, California

      Nice Information About The Bad Influence of "Strange Brew". Its Very Important To know About poor Ending of Extraordinary Preparation Of Any Work.