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The Banishment of God

Updated on September 17, 2014

By now even the most primitive under evolved races know of the cataclysm that befell our universe. Even if they cannot yet put it into words or understand their natural feelings of it, they have heard the cries of untold number of souls crying out as they were extinguished. Felt the very fabric of creation tremble with the destruction of entire galaxies.

What they can't fathom is the cause of these events being so ordinary, so mundane most higher species considered it second nature. Tyranny birthed a great evil on a planet that thought it was very important by its inhabitants, as they were twisted by the designs of greater beings. Evil though is not a definitive thing like these people believed, it is something uncommon on a galactic scale let alone a universal scale. Yet it was birthed here on this planet, making the planet a truly important world.

Events did not unfold on this world entirely. They merely began here with a singular being, mad in its genius. It bulked at the status quo but not nature itself. It respected nature, with an almost religious reverence. Power it believed is the basis of all life, power determined what ruled, what lived, what died, it determined everything and was the corner stone of nature itself and nature the great judger of power putting to test anything's power.

For few cycles this being caused the dominate powers on the planet a great deal of grief and then sorrow as they began to suffer losses more personal. Ultimately the little insurrection was put down and everyone felt a sense of closure, but not even ten orbits of this world had passed before another insurrection began. This time not against puppets or the masters but against infrastructure across the system.

This event is known as the Death of God by some or the End of Fate by the inhabitants of this planet. A powerful machine was ultimately destroyed, a machine that created an artificial god, and with the passing of this machine and its god, the control of this planet was lost. It was a not a moment of despair or regret, but one of celebration. For if left intact the machine would have been used against countless across the cosmos and with the destruction the threat had disappeared again.

Peace was not restored, it would not be restored as insurrection after insurrection would occur. Often believed to be imitators, but inevitably a select one that returned fear for it emerged onto the unversal stage again, more ruthless and direct than before. This was the prelude of what was the Cataclysm that every being knows instinctively.

The danger was obvious to all, enemies put a halt to colossal wars, to ally against this beings new insurrection. Heroes. the great warriors, peace weavers, champions of countless empires gathered to extinguished a single soul. Before its forces could be put down, it had achieved its goal and proclaimed loudly, "I no longer need other forms of power, I am now one with power itself!" as a black sun burnt in a vast hole in chest.

The Heroes were wise, they proclaimed that they must defeat it there or it would become too powerful to ever be defeated. If it realized it didn't need a definitive form it would become unstoppable. A god with powers of myth was born at that moment. Time broke itself before it, the fabric of everything changed to accommodate its whims. With a mere air and a flick of its wrist it cleaved the entire planet in two. With the opening of its mouth a beam of light destroyed an entire fleet and the star behind them. Only the most advanced beings were able to stand up to it.

Yet, when there was but a handful left after the battle had waged for a length of time unknowable there was but one option left for the salvation of the universe. They nobly sacrificed themselves casting the God of Myth into a void from which it could not return. Thus we celebrate their sacrifice and the salvation of all as we marvel at the new beginning the event created in both time and space. When races rise up to sentiency they will be told of the battle and of the noble heroes that saved all that is.


God is not Dead

God Has Evolved

God is now Existence

God will Return


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