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The Banyan Tree Great

Updated on September 8, 2014

A shaded place for village meetings,

Is your gift to the villagers,

While the little children love to play,

With the Spirit that dwells in you.

Everywhere you are gigantic,

Incredulously covering several hectares.

Even though getting your name from the Traders,

You are complaisant to one and all.

Living for centuries at places,

you are witness to events endless.

Dressed in leathery elliptical leaves,

You are a hub of Birds and Bees.

Being the tree signifying Immortality,

You grant boons to all who desire,

While your prop roots plenty,

Give the soil, a firmer hold.

Lord Buddha achieved Enlightenment,

When He sat in meditation under a Banyan tree.

His Followers throughout the world,

Renamed it as the 'Bodhi Tree'.


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