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The Barnes and Noble Nook eReader Reviewed Nook Vs. Kindle

Updated on November 7, 2010

Barnes and Noble Nook eReader vs Kindle

The Barnes and Noble Nook eReader is similar to Amazon’s advertised Kindle. The nook Wifi (model BNRV100) features a 3.5x4.75 inch E ink reader screen with a color touch screen below for easy navigation through your library, shopping, what you’re currently reading, games, Wifi connection, the daily, which is blogs specific to the nook, audio, web browsing, and nook settings. It is light, easy to hold, and has a soft and smooth back that is easy to grip. The page turn buttons are located on either side of the unit, making it convenient for holding with either hand. It stores up to 1500 books on the internal memory, which can be expanded simply by adding a memory card. You can also download audio in MP3 format and listen as you read. The battery is long lasting, up to 3 weeks with Wifi off. A convenient sleep mode allows you to save on battery when you have to put your nook down to go answer the door.

Free Books For your Nook

The nook is very easy to use, even for the non-technical type. You barely have to read the instruction manual to get started. As for the instruction manual, it is step by step and easy to follow. Getting started is easy. You simply pull your nook out of the box, and plug the charger into the bottom of the unit and either charge though your computer via usb or use the adapter to charge via wall outlet. Sign up for an account online at and your set. You can purchase books right though your nook when you’re in Wifi areas, charged directly to your credit card. Once your nook is charged you turn it on with the power button on top of the nook and check your library. There will be a selection of free books already on your nook. Not interested? Go into shopping and browse or search for books. You can access anything that Barnes and Noble sells. You can also download free samples of books that look interesting and see if you’ll like it before you buy. You can also download free books by searching $0.00.

Book covers for the Nook from barnes and noble

Barnes and noble also sells covers for the nook which are great because they protect your investment. You can get them in materials from neoprene to leather. If only Vera Bradley would pick up on the trend and add eReader covers to their collection!


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    • caninecrtitics profile image

      caninecrtitics 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      yes most are a couple bucks cheaper but some are actually more expensive.

    • nifty@50 profile image

      nifty@50 7 years ago

      With either a Nook or Kindle, It seems like the down loadable book would be a fraction of the price of an actual printed book!