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The Basics Of Number Memorization The ability to remember numbers has many benefits----part 3

Updated on April 1, 2016

Bringing Memory Palaces & The Basic Principles Together So You Can Memorization Any Number, Equation Or Formula You'll Ever Encounter In Your Life Again

In truth, there isn't much to say. Once you've got well-constructed Memory Palaces under your belt, the only thing to do is: 1. Code number information usingassociative-imagery 2. Place that imagery on/beside/in/at stations in your Memory Palaces Of course, there are different kinds of math, so we should talk about these.

The Times Tables

Many of us struggle with multiplication. We're often quite good up until 6 and 7 times 8 or 9 rolls around. Some kids have a hard time getting started with even the simpler configurations. There's a solution. Let's imagine that your daughter or son struggles with the times table.

One thing you can do is to help your child understand how Memory Palaces work using your home. Then, ask your child to explain which numbers present the greatest difficulty. Moving from station to station, help the child find ideas for memorizing the outcomes of the equations. For example, let's say that you start your journey in the kitchen. You child needs to remember that 3x3=9.

For kids, simple rhymes can be effective, especially if you make them visual. Here's one: 3 times 3 got a fine, paid the judge, the fine of 9. This is a sample example only. Encourage everyone with whom you discuss these techniques to come up with their own imagery. But as we've noted before, it's important to see the images in your mind and locate them in a Memory Palace so that you can revisit them later.

You cannot decode the information if you don't know where to find it. This is one of the reasons why having a linear journey is so important.

To give you another example, (even though you do need to come up with your own), take this one: 4 times 4, buying shoe-shaped beans, why buy 4 and not 16? Remember when we talked about the Major Method? Here's an example of where you can use it. Let's say that you have placed this image (either for yourself or as part of helping a child) in the hallway. Since you now know the Major Method, why not come up with an image for 44 and 32. Although you're not dealing with 44, but 4x4, you can still create an image for it and understand that 44 means 4x4. This is something you'll need to experiment to see if it works for you. Finally, (to obey the rule of threes), imagine that you're now in the living room. Perhaps you or your child sees two melting snowmen fighting over a jar. 8 times 8 (two snowmen) fell on the floor, pick it up, it's 64 (ja + ra = jar).

To some, this might seem like an insane amount of activity just to remember simple multiplication outcomes. And certainly some people won't need any of this. But for those who struggle, it is imaginative methods like these that can end the sweat and tears and make math fun.

Let's move on to formulas. Assuming that you'll be placing this information in a Memory Palace, imagine that you need to memorize e=mc^2. You now have more than enough information about using the Magnetic Memory

Method to memorize letters and numbers. But what about that curious symbol? It's called a caret and signifies exponentiation. When I needed to memorize this, I placed it in the bathroom.

And there I Einstein with garden shears cutting the McDonald's symbol in half. It had one cat ear ^ on it and its other ear was a 2. What about c2 = a2 + b2?

Before you read on and examine my process, give it a try. What could you dream up, knowing what you now know, to memorize this equation? For me, the first thing that came to mind was three nuns at the sea looking at the abs on some men walking by. In the grammar of my Magnetic Memory Method vocabulary, the image translated to:"See three nuns abs." The nuns, as I'm sure you'll recognize, have to do with the Major Method. For your benefit, let's look at that system once again:
0 = sa
1 = ta
or da
2 = na
3 = ma
4 = ra
5 = la
6 = cha, jah or sha
7 = ka
8 = fa or va
9 = pa

This is why the sight of three nuns reminds me that there are three twos in the target equation.

fact that these nuns are at sea reminds me that the equation beings with "c" and the "abs" remind that "a" and "b" are also linked with the number 2. Don't worry. I can hear the question you're now asking: What about "=" and "+"? I suggest that you make a standard image for these that you will always use. "=", for example, could be vampire fangs. The "+" could be a cross. Thus, you could image "see three vampire nuns at the sea dragging a cross while staring at abs."

Let's go one better. Let's say that you also wanted to memorize that this equation represents a Pythagorean triangle. What do you think you could do? I'm tempted not to tell you, just so that you'll come up with something on your own. But since we're nearing the end of this chapter, I'll reveal what I would do anyway. I would see a python in the distance building a pyramid. But what I see is not at issue. What matters is what you see.

And what matters is that you create images that are large, bright, vibrant and exploding with crazy action. You want to create a "rubberneck" effect. This will "force" you to look at the imagery when you come across it in your Memory Palaces. It will be impossible not to "decode" what the imagery means, almost effortlessly placing the memorized information in your hands. No equation or formula is too complex. With practice, you can use the Magnetic Memory Method to master anything you want to memorize.


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