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"The Battle of Madison Avenue" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on November 11, 2013

"The Battle of Madison Avenue"

Scorched earth glows

Asphalt, glass and bone fuse

Cathedrals built on green, rot under grey velvet

Dead cells litter the landscape

The great operator above; silent, no dial tone

Distant cries outsourced to cut costs

Yellow coffins rest in pieces

Flesh, lay ornamented with the latest trends

Painted smiles, sold to the highest bidder, remain

Lost souls too heavy to rise

They've missed their final sail

No corner office in the sky awaits

Lies buried in a graveyard of regret

Stiff victims of desire

Cut cookies

Senseless pods once drenched in extravagant pleasure

Every sensation deleted from their "hard drive"

Backed up in limbo, memories float on a metal space cloud

Man waits to evolve from the ooze again

Reinventing the wheel

He drives...

Dreaming of the day before the battle of Madison Avenue


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