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The Battlefield of war we march

Updated on November 5, 2015

I wake up from the dirt ready for anything.

I look to may left and my right seeing my brothers and sisters in arms ready for the battle we're about to fight.

I see my C.O. yelling.

OK grunts lets start planning for the battle will be a long one.

So i grab my gear and my trust gun and say a prayer.

Dear lord let me live through another one.

The planning has been set and my armed bothers and sisters are ready to take action and march to the battlefield no time for relaxing.

We march in a single file line joking and laughing trying to get our mind off of being afraid of whats about to happen because we march towards the battlefield and starting to get ready for some action.

A sniper fires and the battlefield takes it's first soul and the bad part is it was my brother in arms Staff Sargent Cole.

Not time to cry or weep but the angry will fuel me to take revenge on the one that killed my friend.

Time to grab my trust gun and shoot back and take back for keeps.

A mortar goes off to my right but thank god the battlefield didn't take another at the time for all of them we're fine.

My radio guys calls for air support but they said they wont make it in time.

So we are on our own which is nothing new because we march to the battlefield through and through.

No matter day or night in the battlefield we will always fight.

We have defeated the enemy and only lost one.

The battle is over and time to march back.

Finally and get to morn over my friend, get some R & R and wait for it's time to march to the battlefield once again.


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