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The Battles Never Came

Updated on July 21, 2013

The battles never came to Pennsylvania

Beyond the great one--Adams County's grief and pain

And other fights and raids nearby.

The rebels never tore up rails at Harrisburg,

Nor ran across the Wissahickon Creek to gain

The Water Works beyond.

And so we do not know what grief and pain could come

Into our larger cities. Monuments may stand

Like Adams County's boulder in Clark Park, so grand.

And so it came to pass again that God

Made war to cease. He broke the bow and cut

The spear in sunder. So we do not know.

So graceful now are bridal groups

That pose for pictures on those paths.

The Wissahickon Creek just flows

While anglers seek a catch,

And out beyond Forbidden Drive,

Beyond the county line there rolls

The gentle hill, the standing corn,

Whose peace we cannot trace, just know.

Praise ye the Lord!


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