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The Beast That Gives All Men A Pause.

Updated on January 23, 2010


The beast that gives all men a pause.  

what is this beast
that gives all

men a pause

Once upon that time

of month no more

pause oh men oh pause
as women fall
beneath i's hold
they bleed not
...but seek
to draw blood
with sharp tongues
that wound souls
simply because
the well is dry
and the days of
the flow are past ..
they are still
glorious but cannot
concieve of youth
it has run past
its due appointed time
and so they harp
blaming the knight
who bore them through
the bloody siege
it is only because
they are but sad
to be no more
the fertile ground
that also dried before
in days of yore but
bore a child
a lovley bloom
alas Queen Esther Jen
can offer aid
but it is not
the same as
youthful vigor
and so they age
beneath this
glaring beast
and take with them
the furies of a women
scorned by life's
endless cycles
it was a sentence which
they served with grace
and cleanest care
but it ended on
one last period
dotted sharply
and it's echoes give
all men a pause
as they begin
their sentences
in the hell of
monthlies vanished.




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