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The Beauty of Chocolate Hills

Updated on February 25, 2017

Chocolate Hills can be found at Carmen, Bohol Philippines. It is one of the famous tourist spot of the Island of Bohol. The hills have variations of sizes that ranges from 30 to 50 meters high and with the tallest/largest of 120 meters. An estimated of 1,268 to 1,776 hills scattered around, which there are other town in Bohol that also features the view of the hills not just on one spot, like in Sagbayan Peak which is of course located on the Sagbayan, Bohol.

Now this destinations have been developed since, there are plenty of amenities; restaurants, Inn rooms and even recreation centers. Not only you enjoy the view but also doing other things while staying.

Mound Shape
Mound Shape | Source

Did You Know?

Chocolate Hills named "Chocolate" because of it is grass covered mound shape hills that, on every dry season they turned brown like a chocolate. This is were it derive it's name.

There are plenty of legends have been told on how they are formed, one is the "Battle of the Giants" which there are two giants whom hate each other that they can't stop fighting, they throw rocks, boulder, sands and etc. to each other that last for days. So this one of the legends.

But for most of the people believe or may I say like the most, is the Romatic Legend "Arogo & Aloya". Arogo is a powerful and handsome giant that fell inlove with a mortal girl named "Aloya". They have been very sweet and good to each other but Aloya knows she is just mortal and she knew the time would come that she will be no longer with Arogo. That time come and Arogo was in deep pain, sorrow and misery that he cannot stop crying. Then on that day his tears turned into hills that believed to be the legend of Chocolate Hills.

So as I said there are plenty legends so let just stop from there. =)

As for the scientific explanation, this hills are made by heavy rainfall that comes to a dissolution of limestones and a subaerial erosion by rivers and streams. That had been uplifted the above sea level and fractured by tectonic processes. This has been called the "Conical Karst Topography".

And still more geologists are doing research and examination on how the hills formed.

Beauty of Chocolate Hills
Beauty of Chocolate Hills | Source

Visit Chocolate Hills

To go there, on your way to the province of Bohol there are plenty of tour guides that can help you. I suggest having "May" as your tour guide, she tour us very well given us every detailed information on every stops we have. I really enjoy having her at our side it seems that I been living there knowing every single data from her. Not only that they will accommodate you on the best destination and resort. You can visit her facebook page at "". Or you can contact any Bohol Tour Package agency that will help you book it all, I do suggest ETA Bohol Tour Package they are very affordable and give you the best tour you will ever have with their newest Car or Van Vehicles.

Hope you too will enjoy the beauty of Chocolate Hills and the town of Friendship "Bohol".


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