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The Beckoning Darkness- Book One of the War of the Gods- By Nathan Preedy- A Novel Review

Updated on August 17, 2014

A Wondrous and Fun Read

This epic novel, written supremely by Nathan Preedy, seems created for the die-hard fantasy fan who adores the relentless worlds of Tolkienesqe magic and glory populated by fascinating peoples of numerous origins. But truth be told, this wondrous tale can be enjoyed by anyone enjoying a great story written well by an experienced writer.

The first chapter introduces us to Elaria, who is an Elven princess facing a tremendous start to a long day. This story, nearly 160,000 words in length, wastes no time in bringing the reader a lot of drama, letting said reader know there is so much to come. And there is, since the first chapter leads us to Elaria, but the next few introduce us to Stephen, Guard Captain of Moshkar. Stephen has his hands full as he honors his country and king while maintaining the honor of his station and self.

There is a lot going on in this story, entrancing the reader into a remarkable work. We have different worlds coming together due to a common foe; a foe quite powerful and so very evil. This is where this story truly turns into more than just pulp, shelved fantasy and brings us something quite unique.

This is my first Preedy novel, so I can only assume that prior works should find their way to my must-read list. If I had to be picky, I could point out a bit of confusion regarding some of the punctuation, but that would be all I have to criticize. The story flows with verve and keeps the reader engaged so easily. Furthermore, when the worlds of Stephen and Elaria come together, the plot thickens even more. In fact, their worlds are complex and the author finds no trouble in creating a vast story that continually engages. In fact, Stephen Baroma just might prove to be one of the most intriguing characters on your favorites list.

Preedy has a keen eye and talent for bringing the reader into the story, which is so much of what we're looking for in great writing right away. What's more, he has a proper understanding not to overwhelm the reader with a relentless assault of non-stop action, but alleviates the reader with more everyday happenings with these characters, lending to the realism. Yet, adventure is almost always just afoot.

The enemy threatening the worlds of the elves and men (and more, as you will discover) is a truly daunting creation on the part of the author, showing no mercy and clearly intent on bringing raw havoc on everything in its path. There is so much for these main characters to discover, and they do discover so much, but at what cost? Hey, this is a page-turner if I've ever seen one.

The story is well thought out and organized well, as though it played out in great detail and glorious color in the author's mind well before the first line was written. While much of the fantasy aspects are common to the genre, this story is quite unique and certainly not some rehashed version of the author's favorite writer's work.

Preedy is clearly a patient and diligent writer who's more than happy to take things a step at a time and not miss a step; a particular blessing since this work is so voluminous. All too often a work of this length ends up being a drawn out, meandering tale that could easily be half the length, should the writer have decided not to take 2950 words to describe some shoes. But Preedy takes care to write thoroughly without getting verbose or redundant. I believe it would be fair to say the writer is also a poet.

There's certainly no shortage of drama to keep us engaged. The story is rich with characters good and bad, and those who are bad make the reader feel the outrage. What really captures the readers is that Preedy spares no possible characters who might fall prey to this evil, regardless of how small and defenseless. But yet, the author fills both the readers and characters with hope, hope that should heroes of the proper ilk find their way forward, the tide may turn for good and justice.

But beyond that? This story is really a rich and luxuriant introduction to do much more to come.

I cannot recommend this story enough for those who are lovers of great reading and exceptional storytelling. Preedy is an exceptional writer who should be seated among so many other great wordsmiths, so those of us who know great writing when we see it should take advantage of this fine author for as long as possible, regardless of his station amongst his peers and colleagues.

This is why there are so many readers out there and this is the sort of work giving credence to their passion. Further, this is yet another work from an independent writer (and, I think, a young one), demonstrating that traditional agents and publishers are continually losing out on some of the finest writing available today. But who needs them when these amazing artists are so much easier to find without them.


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