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"The Bell" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on April 4, 2016

"The Bell"

Clanging, metal on metal

Colliding, over and over

I can hear it daily from on this hill

Ringing and ranging, present and past

A sound to stir the soul

Alerting us in waves

Awakening, through death, for the toll has been payed

And Hemingway was right, the bell it rings for thee

Bones hidden in a pew, flames upon the pyre

Renkindled, this relationship of self, rekindle this passion, my desire

The conviction to follow along the path

Where blood wash us clean, baptismal water be thy bath

And it's a mercilous slaughter, here we are, we sons of men

I hear the bell a ringing, it's getting louder and louder, louder than it's ever been

And it's deaf ears

Unfit land

Rich soil, still nothing grows

Artificial lovers with artificial hands

Mangled roots, molesting and conjuring up demons

Now they are out, now they be in flight

Released and revealed

See the demons aglow, hot red, on a clear white night

Flying above us and below us, flying around the bell

Prideful little demons, spawns from the one that fell

And truly, they're no big deal

Just some scared and weak spirits confused and covered in sin

Children who can't fess up

They just don't understand all this guilt

Well, it is grace that makes us aware

Our basic gift of human compassion

Our drums, we beat, we beat, we beat

And in defeat we are met by the bell

And it conjures up belief

Hope is the cry of those in doubt

Salvation, come with fire, rekindling all of us without

And we burn again and again and again

Sin and repent, repent and then sin, sin and then repent again

We will be free, with will it is we see

Blood wash the sin

Sin feed the flesh

Blood fuel the body

The body be thy test

And once again, thy salvation, the payment in sin

Thy cross

Thy weight

The burden

The guilt

The agony

The sound

The repetition

The renewal

The reminder

The question

The answer

The bell


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 2 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thanks Dana, I am extremely glad to hear of the inspiration evoked by my past commentary on your work. I continue to strive for knowledge of self, and of course all the other aspects of life which are much greater than that endeavor.


    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 2 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thanks Jodah, great to hear such things and as I consider the source it carries much weight.


    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 2 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thank you very much Manatita, greatly appreciated as always.


    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      And let the bell ring! Your poetry reminds me so much of the new piece I'm working on. You really blessed me when you left a comment on my last hub and told me my words held conviction. It explained so much of what I was feeling, and even why I write the way I do. You have inspired my next hub. Your ability to see yourself and understand yourself helps others. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Let the bell toll, Eric. One thing I can say about your poetry is that it is never boring, always different in form and content, and you never know what to expect. Love it.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      The bell ... always calling. We are all sojourners and will one day arrive at the Golden Shore.

      The poetry is very meaningful and full of Light. A Brilliant piece!