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The Berenstain Bears Book Series Review

Updated on January 25, 2012
Berenstain Bears: Visit The Dentist
Berenstain Bears: Visit The Dentist | Source

Have you or someone you know ever read a Berenstain Bears book? I have since I was a child and the books are still in the schools teaching lessons to children every day. The masterminds behind this book series are Stan and Jan Berenstain. Let's take a look at their books and how they make an impact on children today.

Stan & Jan Berenstain
Stan & Jan Berenstain | Source

The Authors - Stan & Jan Berenstain

Stan and Jan Berenstain met in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art (now called The University of the Arts) in 1941, where they were both in a drawing class. They bot grew up in Philadelphia, and loved to draw. During WWII, Stan went into the Army where he was chosen to be a medical artist at an Army plastic surgery center in Indiana.

While Stan was in the Army, Jan kept busy herself. She served on the civilian front doing what she loved most: drawing. She drew for military contractors. After more than 3 years, Stan returned home at which time the 2 became married.

They both started to get into drawing cartoons which helped them to become recognized. They received a letter from NY Publishing House asking if they'd like to do a book. They took the challenge, even after just having their first baby boy, Leo. He was the story behind their first Berenstain Bears Book called Berenstains' Baby Book. The book was very successful and led to many more Berenstain Bears books.

It was soon after when the bear family became famous; Mama, Papa, & Small Bear. These are not the characters that we know today. They wrote a few books after being "watched over" by Dr. Seuss, but decided they wanted their own line of books.

In 1974, Mama, Papa, Brother (Formerly Small Bear), and Sister Bear became the new bear family. The Berenstains wrote about everyday life problems and encounters, using the bears as their subjects.

The Bears have been introduced on TV and in musicals. There are also museum exhibits displaying the bears. In November of 2005, Stan passed away. Jan and her 2nd son Mike continue to write Berenstain Bears books for children today.

Berenstain Bears
Berenstain Bears | Source

The Berenstain Bears Book Series

The Berenstain Bears books series is far too long to put on this hub, but if you want to see all of their works, click here for a list.

Some of the books include:

  • The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree
  • The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor
  • The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Bully
  • The Berenstain Bears on the Road
  • The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday

A+ Paper
A+ Paper | Source

Review of the Series

In terms of how good the book series is, I would have to give it an A+. The simple fact that the books have been around since 1974 and are still read today says something about them without even speaking! The books are a great lesson teacher using bears to portray the problems instead of humans. Bears are a "safer" way to introduce problems because the kids aren't seeing another child encounter this problem. It makes it less threatening to the child reading or watching when they see that bears are handling the problems. It allows them to enter that world of make believe, but when it happens to them in real life, they'll remember what the bears did and hopefully make the right decisions. Hats off to Stan and Jan Berenstain for creating such a successful and teachable books series!


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    • KStro18 profile image

      KStro18 6 years ago from PA

      GClark - Jan will be 88 this year. She was born in July of 1923. And yes, she did have a great career and marriage. Thanks for reading!

      Perty - I have almost all of the books and loved them as a kid myself. My little cousins love them now too and it's neat to see them reading them because I probably looked the same way! Thanks for reading!

    • Perty profile image

      Perty 6 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading that. I loved those books as a kid

    • GClark profile image

      GClark 6 years ago from United States

      Interesting review of a fascinating series and authors. Out of curiosity, how old is Jan? I would imagine she must be in in 90's. What a wonderful and rewarding career and marriage. Thanks for sharing. GClark


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