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The Best Guide to Write a Magazine Feature

Updated on August 8, 2015

Amazon has everything for everyone. This is a wonderful look into magazine article writing.

Writers interested in creating a magazine feature article must realize it is quite similar to putting together an article for a newspaper or newsletter. Though, one of the biggest distinctions is the info is not constrained by time. In other words, the material is relevant regardless of time. A newspaper or newsletter is limited by a period of time where the feature is without any of these limitations.

The definition of a magazine feature

Features are constructed on the premise to go deeper .into a subject matter than a regular piece of material. Instead of simply giving up the facts, a good one contains a variety of significant points along with other info of relevance. Some also include a viewpoint coming from the writer on a more personal level than most other articles.

Putting it together

The set-up and arrangement of the content of the article is unique. It characteristically has a title, an intro, a body and a final conclusion. Most general articles do not follow this structure.

A subject or theme put together in the right order makes for an extraordinary feature for this type of publication. The area of focus is on the body, but putting it together in the write manner makes it flow and look wonderful.

Writing the right intro connects with the reader

Titles are always important

The title is always a point of interest with the reader. Catch the eye as well as highlight the article’s general theme. Although there is certainly no word restriction, more is always less. Never promise in the title and not deliver in the contents. Keep these points in mind when making a title for a magazine feature.

This is always a point of contingency for every person crafting this type of work. Finding the right title will always say everything and more. Getting the point across of what the material is about while keeping it interesting enough to make a reader want to read more.

Use the introduction to make a point and connect

The first few paragraphs are more than enough for an introduction. Simply set up a little background info for readers. Make certain any info at this point is extremely relevant and delete any fluff. This is where the connection is made with the story and a reader.

The tone and direction of the material is identified immediately during the introduction.

Imagine crafting a feature about a ghost encounter.
Imagine crafting a feature about a ghost encounter. | Source

Body and soul

The soul of the contents comes in the body. Remember the basics. Paragraphs need to flow in a nice manner. Use headings and subheadings. The details and particulars are discovered here.

Elements such as people, places, specific quotes, characters and figures are here. Facts are an element confirmed in the body of a feature. Expert testimony connected with the story facets are placed in this portion of the article.

The extras

A few additional items found inside of a feature are never in the average article. Most contain rhetorical questions to make a certain point, first person narrative or even idioms or popular expressions. .

Facts to support opinions are extremely important. This is a must when it comes to writing a feature this aspect puts power behind the story being told. Relevant jargon makes weight and added energy which influences the reader to stay interested.

Quotes are nice to have for the intensity they bring. There is potency to these types of statements, especially from authorities on the subject matter. It will also make it more personal and emotional.

Writing a great feature for a magazine takes some doing. There are some dos and don’ts associated with this task just like any other article writing assignment. Following some specific methods of the process makes for a better end product. These are some of the best ways to create a remarkable feature article for magazines.

Lots of magazine features have a sort of intensity about them

Good writers for this type of material

One of the best personality traits for folks who enjoy this style are slanted toward being extremely opinionated, fact oriented and focused on research. All of these traits come in handy for delving deeper into a story where the original subject matter was only touched upon. These are stories where there is more and a writer is able to tilt the table one way or another. In favor of or opposed, guilty or innocent or accident or murder.

In conclusion

There is intensity in writing a magazine feature not seen with the average article or blog post. The right dynamism behind the words puts it in the right light for success.

Most people in the field admit an attempt to compel readers to take their side in an argument of the material investigated and presented. People with the power to make this happen are typically successful with this kind of writing.

More material to work up a wonderful piece of work

There is power in words. No matter what form or method is used to relay them, it is always present. When a writer is capable of adding a personal viewpoint or opinion to them in order to sway a reader, the power intensifies.

© 2015 smcopywrite


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      Diana you are a great writer and it shows from this single comment. Thanks so much for expanding on what any writer would like to say..

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Interesting article. It's so true about the power of words. Both oral or written can have great impact on us. The changing of one single word will take away the meaning of a complete sentence. This is where the writer/speaker can either fool you or give out sound advice. Most magazines articles reach a large audience. The right words will persuade thousands or even millions if the publication happens to run online. Voted up.