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The Best Lady Gaga Parodies

Updated on January 8, 2011

There are many parodies all over Youtube.  And Lady Gaga parodies are growing.  Here are some of the more popular and well done parodies online.


VenetianPrincess makes all her own videos and has been on Youtube since the beginning. This is one of her many parodies that she has created.  They are all really funny and well done.


These guys have created a lot of satirical videos on tonnes of random things.  They auto-tune the news and were the creators of Obama Girl. Go Them!

Shane Dawson

This guy has multiple channels on Youtube.  All with millions of subscribers.  He does a lot of parodies on anything that is currently trending.  He also likes dressing up as a girl a lot. Awesome! 


This guy is quickly gaining popular with his parodies on music videos and songs.  Really funny and does everything himself.  


Another parody by VenetianPrincess. If you can tell, she uses a lot of fan sent videos in her music videos. I think thats really cool!

The Station

The Station is a collection of popular users on Youtube.  This is where all the collective ideas take form and there are a lot of funny videos form that.


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