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The Best Super Powers - What If You Can Be Invisible?

Updated on August 16, 2015

This article is about exploring the fictitious possibility of what would happen if God granted you the wonderful super power of "invisibility at will", like Sue Storm, the invisible woman, and how you, as a normal human in sudden possession of a great super power, could handle it effectively.

It is meant purely for humour and hopes to provide you with a few brief minutes of happy fantasy world where anything is possible. If you are looking for some serious writing on this topic, please don't expect it here, which is why I have clearly mentioned "what if" and "invisibility" in the title. This disclaimer hopes that the no-nonsense souls out there do not end up bashing me for this completely nonsensical topic.

Invisibility at Will and Other Important Clauses

Invisibility at will is one hell of a super power to possess - "at will" being the keyword here.

Here are some basic clauses that you need to request for when you are getting your super power granted by the almighty super power, to ensure that your super power doesn't leave you more vulnerable than powerful.

  • You should be able to switch your invisibility on and off, as and when you desire. Nobody wants to be the hollow-man and become visible only when injected with certain dosage of some god-forbidden drugs.

  • Of course, the invisibility power should be able to take effect immediately. What is the use if it takes, say, 30 minutes for the process to kick-start, that would be too weird and inconvenient. After all, its only invisibility, not a furnace.

  • There should be no loop-hole in the invisibility. For example, certain types of radiations or light should not make you visible, else that will become your biggest vulnerability.

  • Another very important thing is to ensure that whatever you wear becomes invisible and visible along with you. Otherwise, it would be too much of an inconvenience. Just imagine having to take off your clothes and wearing them back each time you switch, you are supposed to be a super-hero, not a super-model at a photo-shoot.

Visible Clothes - What A Bother!


What Can You Do With The Super Power?

There are endless number of things you can do with invisibility.

  • You can get in and out of places without getting seen, and simply appear at the right spot at the right moment.

  • This is especially useful when you are running late to class, work, or any other place, without the danger of running into all the wrong people.

  • This goes without saying that you can disappear from a place that you find too annoying and yet fear of getting caught on your way out.

  • You can play pranks on those horrible people who constantly trouble you for no reason, drive them to insanity just to teach them the lessons they need to learn.

  • You can travel the world without paying a single penny for airfare, entry fees, and various other financial charges. You can go to all the concerts without the worry of a ticket. As Shakespeare said - "the whole world is your stage".

What I Would Do With The Super Power?

For those of you who share the vigilante mindset with me, you may crave for this power just like me. Yes, invisibility can be a vigilante's best weapon.

  • Best of all, I would not need one of those fancy or silly costumes.

  • I would also not need a mask, and there would be no danger of someone finding my identity unless I choose to reveal my appearance.

Not all of us have the brutish strength of Superman. A mildly-built person such as me would take years of training to be able to overpower strongly-built and trained criminals, especially those carrying weapons. But it would be easily possible if nobody could see me. I would use invisibility to beat up and punish goons and criminals. Don't ask me to define "punish".

Yes, I know of the saying - hate the sin not the sinner. But before you start judging me, let me remind you that hard-core criminals cannot be rectified with kindness or rehabilitation. People who kill or torment the weak simply because they enjoy it or want to cause terror, the only thing that can prevent them is vigilante-style justice.

Vigilante All The Way


Do's and Don'ts of Invisibility

  • Just remember when you are invisible and when you are not. The confusion can have dire consequences. For example, if you are crossing the road as an invisible person, but somehow happen to forget about it, don't expect incoming traffic to stop for you.
  • Also remember not to extensively violate privacy of people unless they pose danger to themselves or someone else. It would be despicable for a peeping tom to have this kind of power.
  • As with any super power, you can NEVER reveal your wonderful power to anyone, no matter how close you are to that person. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves, and it starts with leaking it to one person.

Don't Reveal Your Identity - Even To Your Girlfriend


Golden Rule - Don't Show Off!!

It may be difficult to resist the temptation, but this is the most important point to remember. You may have the noble intention of helping people in need. But do it by letting them think that it is a ghost or some other supernatural entity. If your invisibility becomes public knowledge, be sure that you will become the target for many people.

Great Costume But Not So Useful for an Invisible Super Hero

  • Criminals and rogues will want to exploit your power. You will get caught in the cross fire between the good and the bad, both trying to claim you as their own, until the difference between good and bad starts disappearing.

  • You may get dissected, literally. Evil corporations will try to clone you, or at least research your DNA in the hope of unravelling the wonderful mystery, that is you. You don't want to end up as a lab animal.

  • Cops will try to blame you for crimes you have not committed, simply because you have this tremendous super power and therefore easy to blame. On top of that, it will cover up their ineffectiveness.

Just remember how often Batman and Spiderman have been accused of being outlaws, even after they helped clean up their city's crimes. Learn from their mistakes. Super-heroes are seen to be most successful as long as they are unidentified. After that, it is all sky-high expectations from people waiting to witness a rescue.

It is not for nothing that we have the saying - with great power comes great responsibility - one of them being, the responsibility of remaining anonymous.

What would you do if you had the super power of invisibility at will?

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© 2015 Ritu Temptor


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    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      Thanks Larry :) Lol, sometimes I think that this is a super power I already possess, without wanting it.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Seems like the only time I'm invisible is when I don't want to be, lol.

      Very fun concept.