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The Best Way To Return To Sender

Updated on December 11, 2009


Return To Sender.  

Like a father waits with outstretched hands
as his pregnant daughter comes,
back into his arms, at long last home
where forgiveness gently comes.

Like a mother holds her rebel son
tightly in an E.R. room,
back from dealing drugs and gunshots,
grateful he's not in his tomb.

As a wife whose husband strayed away,
to find love with someone strange,
for the sake of seven children,
she'll accept him if he'll change.

Like our leaders who 

 hopefully see dying
far too much and realize
that it's time for a peace treaty,
bring home all our girls and guys.

Jesus spoke to us in parable,
of one such prodigal son,
who turned his back on goodness,
till he realized what he'd done,
and when his father saw him,
coming round the bend at last,
he ran to him with open arms,
and forgave all that had past.

The thief who hung at Jesus side,
God's gift at Calvary
begged Christ's forgiveness as he died,
and the savior said he'd be,
"This day with me in paradise,"
and his sins were all set free.

God will wait on you forever,
till your final dying breath,
if you only beg his mercy,
you'll will miss eternal death,
but the hour of your death's unknown,
and you just might pass away,
without his love to carry you,
to his heavenly home that day.

Get on your knees and beg him now,
to cleanse away your sin,
then some day the gates of heaven,
will open and let "you" in.


Just one more prodigal daughter,

or one more prodigal son,

your ticket is his mercy

when your days on earth are done.





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